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Section Bending Titanium Tube

Titanium Tube Bending & Rolling

A well-established solution for industries dealing with severe environments, titanium is immune to damage caused by seawater and water. This versatile material is commonly used by the following sectors:

Chemical processing

Energy & utilities


Offshore & subsea


HVAC & refrigeration

Pulp & paper


AerospaceSporting goods (golf, bicycles, etc.)

Benefits of Titanium Bending & Rolling

Classified into “pure” and alloyed grades, titanium is ideal when formability and corrosion-resistance are essential. Additional features and benefits of titanium tube bending include:

High strength-to-weight ratio

Low-density (up to 50% weight savings)

High-strength construction

Anti-rust & anti-corrosion

Durability & superior longevity

Low thermal expansion

Shock resistance

High tolerance to pipe bending

Non-toxic & biocompatible