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Bending Copper/Brass Tube

Benefits Of Copper/Brass For Bending & Rolling:

Copper is a time-honored metal that is relatively easy to work with. Available in hard and annealed tempers,. There are various types of copper tubes and pipes, including common copper alloys such as bronze and brass. Features and advantages of copper include:

Thermal conductivity

Malleability & ductility

Corrosion resistance

Durability & low-maintenance construction

Cost-effective installation

Superior hydraulic flow

Section bending ,achine can specialized tooling to complete tight-radius copper forming while ensuring product integrity.

Industry Applications for Copper Tube Fabrication

Recognized for their durability and anti-corrosive properties, copper tubes and pipes, as well as brass, are widely used throughout a number of industrial and commercial sectors.


Water distribution & municipal systems

Plumbing & HVAC systems

Automotive industry

Electrical industry

Marine environments

Construction & architecture

Medical & electronic devices

Tube Bending Sizes

Copper, Brass, and Bronze are affordable solutions to many industrial challenges.

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