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High precision CNC VS ordinary shearing machine blade

The emergence and development of surface coating technology are mainly due to the emergence and development of CNC tools. Since coating can significantly improve tool hardness, reduce friction, and improve cutting efficiency and service life, more than 80% of all kinds of carbide-indexable CNC tools have adopted coating technology.

The shearing machine blade is mainly used to apply shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses, so as to perform shearing operations, such as the blade of the shearing machine for silicon steel sheets. There are many types of shearing machine blades, mainly including pedal shearing machine blades, mechanical shearing machine blades, hydraulic shearing machine blades, and CNC shearing machine blades.

CNC shearing machine
CNC shearing machine

Difference 1#: High-precision manufacturing quality

In order to stably process the surface of high-precision parts, stricter requirements than ordinary tools are put forward for the manufacture of tools (including tool parts) in terms of accuracy, surface roughness, geometric tolerance, etc., especially indexable tools. The repeatability of the size of the insert tip (cutting edge) after indexing, the size and accuracy of the key parts such as the cutter body groove and positioning parts, and the surface roughness must be strictly guaranteed. And dimensional measurement, the base surface machining accuracy should also be guaranteed.

Difference 2#: Optimization of tool structure

The advanced tool structure can greatly improve cutting efficiency. For example, high-speed steel CNC milling tools have adopted wave-shaped edges and large helix angle structures in structure. The replaceable and adjustable structure, such as the internal cooling structure, cannot be applied by ordinary machine tools. Shenchong high-precision shearing machine has extremely uniform blade clearance, reduced wear between the upper and lower blades, and long service life of the blade; the shearing end face has high quality, and small burrs, and the verticality of the shearing end face, and straightness error is small.

Difference 3#: Wide application of high-quality materials for cutting tools

In order to prolong the service life of the tool and improve its strength of the tool, the tool body material of many CNC tools is made of high-strength alloy steel, and heat treatment (such as nitriding and other surface treatment) is carried out so that it can be suitable for large cutting amount, and the tool life is also long. It can be significantly improved (ordinary knives generally use quenched and tempered medium carbon steel). On the cutting edge material of the tool, CNC tools use various new grades of cemented carbide (fine particles or ultrafine particles) and superhard tool materials.

Difference 4#: Surface coating treatment

The shearing process of the silicon steel sheet shearing machine must be able to ensure that the shearing surface of the sheared sheet can meet the requirements of linearity and parallelism, and minimize the distortion of the sheet, so as to obtain high-quality finished products. However, after the shearing machine has been used for a long time, it is necessary to adjust the gap of the shearing machine blade accordingly. Because if the gap is not suitable, it will affect the quality of sheet cutting and the service life of the blade. Therefore, this aspect cannot be ignored and should be given enough attention.