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What is profile bending machine?


Lubrication method

The lubrication of the double-pinch profile bending machine is relatively simple, using two methods of manual lubrication of oil cup lubrication. The lubrication part of the oil cup and the surface of the transmission gear are required to be lubricated once a week, and the other sliding surfaces and pin shafts that move with each other should be manually filled with lubricating oil every shift.

Lubricant selection

Hydraulic system of profile bending machine
Hydraulic system of profile bending machine

Use 40# mechanical oil, oil cup lubrication point and gear surface, use No. 2 calcium base grease in summer, and No. 1 calcium base grease in winter.

Lubrication system and matters needing attention

The user should establish a specific lubrication system according to the specific system, load and operation of the section bending machines.
The lubrication points must be sufficiently lubricated before the section bender is started.
When the machine is working continuously, the lubrication interval should be shortened.
The entire lubrication system of the profile bending machine is cleaned once a year.

Hydraulic system of BIT section bending machine

Hydraulic system

Double pinch profile bending machines are fully hydraulically driven. The electric motor of the hydraulic system drives the double gear pump. The maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system is 20mpa and the rated working pressure is 16MPa. The oil pump provides power for the main drive system (rotating in the forward and reverse directions of the work roll), and the small displacement oil pump provides power for the auxiliary drive system, that is, power for the 3D guide roll.
The hydraulic system is in the form of on-off control, and the electromagnet is energized to make the electromagnetic reversing valve work to perform corresponding actions.

The hydraulic system is No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
After being filtered by a fine oil filter car, pour it into the fuel tank. The liquid level of the fuel tank should reach the upper limit of the oil level gauge. Start the motor and check its rotation direction. After starting the machine, test the action of each actuator several times. If leakage, impact, vibration and other phenomena are found, stop the machine in time to check and eliminate it. After the oil has fully entered the pipeline and the oil cylinder, it is advisable to replenish the oil tank again so that the liquid level of the oil tank always reaches the upper limit of the oil standard.

When the oil pump is started or stopped, the system should be in an unloaded state. Once the set pressure value of the overflow valve is adjusted and determined, the locking nut of the overflow valve should be tightened to prevent it from being caused by machine vibration or arbitrary operation. An accident occurred in the equipment. No-load test run for a period of time, the gas in the pipeline can be fully exhausted, and the oil can be fully filtered. After the actuators move smoothly and reliably, the load test can be carried out.

Special radiator for hydraulic system of BIT section bending machine
Special radiator for hydraulic system of BIT section bending machine

The oil temperature of the system should be appropriate, and the oil temperature of the oil tank should not exceed 60℃. Considering specific environmental conditions, if the profile bending machine is working in a hotter environment, hydraulic oil with higher viscosity can be selected; in order to ensure a better working condition and a longer service life of the system, the oil pollution should be minimized and regularly Clean or replace the filter element. Check the deterioration of the oil every six months, and replace it in time if it exceeds the limit of use.