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Video of flat bar profile bending (flange forming)

Flat Bar Rolling Machine

This is a video of flat bar profile bending; the final product is flange (flange forming).

The protagonist is the profile bending machine that has been out of the factory for more than ten years. The model is PBH-300; here we can also call it a flange forming machine.

About the section bending machine

As you can see from the video, this is a small factory. The workers are already too old.
From the control button, you can know whether the controller of the profile bending machine is the old model in the BIT series machine (the new model uses the joystick design).

What is interesting is that the workers in the factory do not have safety operating procedures that require them to work. He didn’t even wear a safety helmet or work gloves; after our return visit, we once made this request to the management.

Easy to operate

All this shows that the operation of the BIT series profile bending machine is very simple and hardly requires any professional knowledge.

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