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3 -roll plate bending machine cold bending angle iron


Small ships and smaller steel structure profiles usually directly use the specification profiles produced by the rolling mill-equilateral and unequal angle iron.

Profile angle iron generally needs to be bent and shipped for use. Because the section of the angle iron profile is asymmetrical, it is difficult to control the force and section deformation of the workpiece during bending, which makes the profile bending work very difficult.

In the absence of a professional profile bending machine (also called angle roller or section bending machine, angle rolling machine), we can use a 3 roll plate bending machine to bend angle iron.

Points of cold bending angle iron using 3-roller plate bending machine

It adopts an ordinary 3-roller plate bending machine, equipped with a universal adjustable fixture to cold-bend profile angle iron.

Process principle

The main process principle is as follows:

3 -roll plate bending machine cold bending angle iron
3 -roll plate bending machine cold bending angle iron

The figure, 2 and 4 are the driving rollers of the 3-roll plate bending machine, which are driven by the output shaft gear of the reducer, and rotate in the same direction and at the same speed. 1 is the driven roller, which is dragged and rotated by the driving roller through the workpiece (indicated as angle steel in the figure).

The driven roller is installed on the movable bearing seat, and its position can be adjusted up and down.
Adjusting the position of the driven roller can change the bending rate of the workpiece at will: when the driven roller rises, the bending rate decreases; otherwise, the curvature increases.

Install two pairs of clamping rings 5 ​​on the active roller. The clamping rings are made in two halves, which are clamped on the roller with bolts. The installation distance between each pair of clamping rings can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the thickness of the flange or angle steel. Generally, It can be adjusted to be slightly larger than the thickness of the workpiece by 0.40-0.50mm.

The function of the clamp ring is to clamp a wing of the workpiece in the direction of the bending radius during the rolling plate process so that it will not be twisted.
The other wing of the workpiece in the axial direction of the pressure roller is pressed by the pressure roller.

Operation process

The operating essentials of using a 3-roll plate bending machine to bend angle steel are as follows.

plate rolling machine
3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

The bending rate should be from small to large, step by step until it meets the requirements specified in the drawing;
When the bending rate of the workpiece is different, it can be bent at a small curvature first, and then turn to the large curvature section to continue deep bending after the overall shape;
When repeatedly bending, the reverse car of the 3-roll plate bending machine can be used, and the bending effect is the same as that of the normal car, and there is no need to return to the empty and re-adjust;
If the bending direction of edge-folding material and angle steel is opposite to the direction shown in the figure, the clamp ring can be modified to bend on the driven roller.


The 3-roll sheet metal rolling machine cold-bends angle iron, using general equipment so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

Since the bending radius and the thickness of the workpiece can be adjusted, there is no need to make fixtures with various specifications and curvatures, and the cost of equipment and fixtures can be greatly reduced. The work efficiency and bending quality are roughly the same as those of general forming machines, which can be applied to large quantities. Production can also be applied to single-piece or small-batch production, and its application has very obvious technical and economic value.