Beam Bending


Bent I-beam
Bent I-beam

There are two primary methods used in beam bending applications, informally known as the “easy way (I-Beams)” and the “hard way (H-Beams).” BIT section bending machines excels at both, that ensures even the most demanding beam forming projects are completed to industry-required guidelines.

Beam Bending Machine

The BIT series hydraulic profile bending machine has 9 sets of hydraulic drive elements, which can bend various types of H-Beam, I-beam, and horizontal bending U-steel (Channel).

If your industrial project requires of specially modified metal and steel beams, BIT section bending machines provide cost-effective beam bending & rolling solutions.

Beam bending machine can bending all types of beam, such as S beam rolling, wide flange beam rolling, M beam rolling or Junior beam rolling, both the easy-way like this, as well as the hard-way or on edge, such as beam rolling on edge, channel rolling on edge, and angle iron rolling on edge.

BIT profile bending machines can minimize trim and obtain a greater yield from the raw steel material. (“Trim” is the material required at the ends of curved steel sections; trim length is determined by the distance between the rolls on the machine.)

BIT section bending machine capabilities

BIT section bending machines has the capacity to roll bend wide flange and structural beams the easy way , beam bending capabilities cover metal and steel beams with widths of up to 20 inches and the full spectrum of beam types: I-Beams, W-Beams, Wide Flange Beams, S-Beams, Standard Beams, H-Beams.


There are numerous potential applications for beam bending, but we encounter certain applications more than others.

For example, equipment manufacturers create components for heavy equipment, truck frames, tank stiffeners, and monorails.

Structural steel fabricators building frames, roof supports, canopies, trellises, and arches. These elements are found in stadiums, airports, rail stations, bus shelters, commercial buildings, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and many other structures.