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Angle,Beam,Tube,Channel,Pipe,Bar,Tee,Steel Section Bending Tolerances

Normal bending tolerances for single radius bends are in line with those specified in the National Structural Steelwork Specification.

There are large numbers or standard sections (each with different bending characteristics), there are different methods of bending (hot and cold), and the end-uses vary widely.

Diameter Tolerance
Up To 500 DIA +/- 2.0mm
500 to 1000 DIA +/- 2.5mm
1000 to 2000 DIA +/- 4.0mm
2000 to 6000 DIA +/- 6.0mm
Over 6000 +/- DIA
Max Deviation – L/1000 or 6mm whichever is greater