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Teflon Strip Takeout Machine for Bending Aluminum

Application: Take out the filled Teflon strip inside the bent profile cavity. Why need Teflon strip: Best Beginner’s Guide to Metal Profile Bending 2023 Edition

Structure and function

  • A:Profile limit baffle
  • B:Linear Guides
  • C:Ball screw rod
  • D:Fenders
  • E:Teflon strip clamping mechanism
  • F:Distribution box
  • G:Reducer
  • H:Servo motor
  • I:Foot switch
  • Teflon strip clamping mechanism: The clamping block clamps the shaping strip by rotating the hand wheel. The contact surface between the clamping block and the Teflon strip adopts a toothed surface to increase the friction between the Teflon strip and the clamping block.
  • Limit block adjustment device: adjust the width of the limit groove according to the width of the Teflon strip, so as to facilitate the extraction of the Teflon strip;
  • Driving device: drive the reducer through the servo motor, the reducer drives the ball screw to rotate, and drives the Teflon strip clamping mechanism to reciprocate;
  • Distribution box: Servo motor driver for main electrical components is installed inside, controlled by a foot switch to realize the reciprocating movement of the clamping mechanism;

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Teflon Strip Takeout Machine
Teflon Strip Takeout Machine


1Clamping mechanism maximum tension5 tons
2Drawable length3-4 meters
3Drawing speed8 m/min
4Motor Power3.8KW
5Voltage380V 50Hz
6Size(3500-4500)*500*1100 mm

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