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2018 sheet metal processing terminology ultimate teaching material (1)

  1. Shear Material: the process of getting rectangular workpiece by shearing machine.

Using numerical control shearing machine for net size blanking, this is specially applied in piece processing with lower demand, most of the process engineer use shearing machine for blanking to reduce the processing cost.

  1. CNC Punch: refers to the use of CNC punch press for hole punching, normally programming first, the key points for CNC punch is discharged and calculate the using of materials, and then complete the number of pieces for processing in one-time.
  2. Laser Cutting: refers to the process of the workpiece by laser cutting.

The processing cost is high, the process engineer should use this technique less.

  1. Cutter Blanking: refers to use a kind of the grinding wheel electric cutting machine for cutting process, this is for workpiece processing which demand is not high, most of the time for profile steel processing. This process has certain processing security risks, process engineers should use this blanking method less.
  2. Saw Material: it refers to the process of using a sawing machine to carry down the material. This is not a high requirement, and it is mainly for section steel blanking.
  3. Blanking: refers to the process of processing the product shape by using the mold on the ordinary punch or other related punching equipment.
  4. Perforation: the process of the workpiece for hole punching by ordinary punch press and die.
  5. Bending: the process by which the workpiece is formed by a bending machine.

It refers to the CNC bending machine, with the corresponding bending molds to finish bending purpose. First start commissioning, inspection before production. If there are special needs, process engineers should explain it first.

  1. Punching Folding: it refers to the installation of special molds on ordinary punching machines for the bending of small pieces and simple workpieces.
  2. Forming: the process of using the mold to deform the workpiece in the ordinary punch or other equipment.