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8 key requirements to ensure the safety of profile bending work

bending tubing profile


The operator should understand the structure and performance of the machine, be familiar with the operation method of the control system and the bending process of the workpiece, and strictly abide by the safety operation items.

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Eight key points

Bending roll and 3D guide roll of profile bending machine
3 bending rolls and 3D guide rolls
  1. Before driving and stopping, all buttons of the electronic control system must be placed in their original positions.
  2. During use, always check the oil supply of each lubrication point.
  3. During operation, if irregular noise, impact, or swinging of the section bending machine is found, it should be stopped for maintenance immediately.
  4. During use, check the transmission mechanisms and link parts of the section bending machine frequently to keep them free of looseness and damage.
  5. During the bending process, the profile must move with the roller. No slipping is allowed.
  6. In the profile rolling process, the side rollers (3D guide rollers) can only be raised and lowered when the main drive (three rollers) is stopped.
  7. The work of unloading the bent profile is to lower the side roller (3D guide roller) after the profile bending machine stops before taking out the workpiece.