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Section bending machine classification

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Section bending machine classification

Section bending machine is divided into two types:

Flat bending and vertical bending. It is a new machine for bending flat steel, square steel, round steel, angle steel, I-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, square tube, rectangular tube, round tube and other profiles.

Different molds can be customized according to user requirements.

The three rollers are all active rollers and are driven by three independent hydraulic motors.

The winding speed is fast and the efficiency is high.use


Section bending machine is a relatively advanced profile forming equipment at home and abroad, and is widely used in the production of various round flanges in petroleum, chemical, steel, machinery and other industries.


The section bending machine can complete the pre-bending, rounding and rounding process of the profile at one time; the profile bending machine has advanced structure and full functions, and can be placed or placed horizontally according to the user's use.


Before using the profile bending machine, the profile bending machine should be inspected thoroughly and the no-load test run should be carried out.   

The fuselage of the profile bending machine should be grounded. The power supply is not allowed to be directly connected to the button. The switch box should be installed separately.   

The placement of the steel bars should be matched with the direction of the iron retaining shaft and the working disk, and do not reverse.   

Not straight steel bars, it is forbidden to bend on the profile bending machine to prevent accidents.   

After the operation of the profile bending machine, pay attention to cleaning the on-site maintenance equipment and power off, and the cleaning site and maintenance equipment must be working after the power is cut off.

Section Bending Machine
section bending machine