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MS series profile bending machine workplace and electrical requirements

Workplace requirements for profile bending machine

The section bending machine (MS Series) needs to be installed on a level and hardened surface to ensure its stability.


The electrical equipment/power supply must be connected via a 5 x 2.5 mm2 copper cable with a voltage of 3 x 400 V and protected by a fuse with delay characteristics (Type C fuse) and a load capacity of 20A.

Electrical equipment needs to be equipped with residual current devices. A 32A/5-pin power socket is required to connect the machine to the grid. Before connecting the profile bending machine to the grid, a qualified electrician needs to control the installation.


The location of the profile bending machine should ensure easy access to all the components of the machine, and the processed parts can be safely and easily inserted into the profile bending machine.

Workplace requirements for profile bending machine
Workplace requirements for profile bending machine

The figure above shows the operator’s workspace. The workshop operating the profile bending machine needs to be equipped with sufficient lighting and ventilation equipment to provide an appropriate amount of fresh air.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused during the implementation and subsequent use of electrical connections that do not comply with applicable regulations!

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