New update version 2021: the key points must be known before operation of the profile bending machine


We often provide installation services for section bending machine in our customers’ factories, and we have also observed the actual work sites of profile bending in some factories.
To be honest, the safety management of some factories is indeed not satisfactory and there are great hidden dangers.

Regarding some safety precautions for profile bending, we will re-edit it again starting in 2021, hoping to help our customers improve safety awareness, ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, and obtain better benefits.

section bending machine
The items that the operator of the profile bending machine must understand are related to the safe operation of the person and the equipment. Especially personal safety!

Who can operate profile bending machine

Only a legal adult, with the proper qualifications and training adequate to the operation of such machinery, may operate the hydraulic press. Following the recommendations and guidelines in the instruction manual ensures easy maintenance and safety for the personnel operating the machine.

Working (section bending) environment

Provide the machine with an appropriate work environment by:

  • Avoiding exposure of the machine to rain,
  • Avoiding machine operation in a humid environment,
  • Removing stains of oil and other lubricants on the machine and on the floor in its vicinity,
  • Working on the machine in a well-lit environment

Warning:Maintain cleanliness and order. Objects scattered in a disorderly way in the work area may pose a hazard.

Work dress

Abiding by rules wearing the proper clothing during work on the section bending machine:

  • Sleeves must be elastic.
  • Not wearing belts, rings or chains.
  • Wearing protective footwear.
  • Long hair must be covered (helmet, cap, mesh or similar).
  • During work, wear protective gloves.

Electrical cabinet key

Keys to the machine’s electrical cabinet and other machine subassemblies are to be provided to personnel authorized to maintain it.
Avoid leaving the door of the electrical cabinet or other machine subassemblies open.
Avoid leaving keys to the electrical cabinet or maintenance tools in the machine’s vicinity, so that they are not accessible to anyone passing by the machine.

Work and maintenance

Ensure a stable work position near the machine, minimizing the risk of tripping and/or falling down in the profile bending machine’s vicinity

Make sure that tools and other equipment used for regulation and maintenance of the machine have been removed prior to its startup.

Machine repairs must be performed solely by personnel authorized to do so, using original spare parts supplied by the machine’s supplier. Failure to abide by the instructions given above may pose a risk of injury to the operator and/or unserviceability of the machine.


Disconnect the machine from its power supply when changing tools on the machine or during any work on the machine’s electrical equipment.

Connect the power cord to a socket and wind it to the optimal length, not obstructing operation of the machine.

Protect the cord against high temperature, aggressive fluids and sharp edges.

Outdoor operation of the machine: use extension cords meeting safety requirements to power the machine.


It is prohibited to use pressurized water to clean the machine. Avoid using compressed air and aggressive chemicals (e.g. solvents) to clean the machine.