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Just say 3 points to let you know the overall structural design of the MSM-50 Angle bending

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Because the three-roller Angle roll machine uses a mechanical three-roller symmetry structure, the two lower rollers perform the main movement of the rotation, and the upper roller performs the vertical elevating movement, so the design uses the “handle-drive screw-drive nut-slider” The transmission method converts the rotation of the handle into the vertical lifting movement of the upper roller so as to achieve the purpose of pressing the plate.


Overall structural design of Angle roll machine

In the rolling process of the steel plate, the control of the curvature is achieved by adjusting the rolling amount of the upper roller, and the pressing amount can be arbitrarily adjusted by the ruler to achieve curling of the radius of curvature within a certain range.
The pressure of the upper roller adopts the screw driving mode of “the nut is fixed, the screw rotates and moves”, and the upper roller shaft and the screw are kept relatively stationary through the slider so as to achieve the purpose of synchronously lifting the upper roller shaft and the screw.

MSM-50 profile bending machine Design of roll shaft

Angle roll machine axis material and structure determination.

Angle roller the upper roller axle is an important part of the machine, bearing the combined force of the two rollers. The design should satisfy reasonable structure, sufficient strength, and good craftsmanship.


The material of the shaft is mainly carbon steel and alloy steel.
The carbon steel has high enough strength and low sensitivity to stress concentration, which facilitates various heat treatment and mechanical processing. The price is low, the supply is sufficient, and the application is the most widely used.
Alloy steels have higher mechanical properties and are often used to make high-speed, heavy-duty shafts or require large, lightweight shafts. By performing various heat treatments, chemical treatments, and surface strengthening treatments, the strength and wear resistance of a shaft made of carbon steel or alloy steel can be improved. Especially for alloy steels, the superior mechanical properties can only be fully demonstrated after heat treatment.
As MSM-50 profile bending machine requires the shaft to have high strength and the shaft diameter can not be too large, we choose alloy steel, its brand name is 38CrMoAlA, forging shape and quenching treatment, hair bad diameter 60mm, hardness 293~321HBS, tensile strength Limit = 930 MPa, yield limit = 785 MPa, bending fatigue limit = 440 MPa, shear fatigue limit = 280 MPa allowable bending stress = 75 MPa.

Dend shaft

According to the working conditions of the axis of the Angle roll machine and the material of the shaft, the primary shaft diameter is 35mm. Because the shaft mainly bears the radial load, the type of the bearing installed between the upper roller and the shaft is cylindrical roller bearing.

According to the “Mechanical Design Handbook,” Higher Education Version, known cylindrical roller bearings (taken from GB283-87) found d = 40mm, D = 80mm, B = 23mm, model number 32508.

Since the width of the upper roller is 42mm, a type 32208 cylindrical roller bearing should be installed in the upper roller, d = 40mm, D = 80mm, B = 18mm, and then sealed with a sealing ring.

Since the length of the shaft in the slider is 18 mm, the distance from the slider to the bearing is 34 mm, the width of the copper sleeve is 20 mm, and the width of the upper roller is 42 mm, so the working length of the shaft is:



In order to prevent axial movement of the Angle roll machine shaft and parts during operation and to ensure their exact working position, all parts mounted on the shaft must be accurately positioned and securely fastened. In order to limit the axial movement of the shaft, the shaft and the slider are threaded to ensure that the shaft and the slider are relatively stationary. The shaft shoulder positions the bearing axially. The pressure plate and the copper sleeve axially position the upper roller and then double Head bolts and nuts lock the pressure plate.