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Method for replacing hydraulic oil in hydraulic system of Angle Bending Machine

hydraulic profile bending machine

Angle Bending Machine hydraulic oil in the use of the process, because of mechanical, physical and chemical effects, is always to quickly or slowly aging deterioration. When the quality of the working medium is reduced to meet the requirements of the index, it must be replaced in time.hydraulic oil of angle bending machine.

Once the hydraulic oil is produced, it will gradually deteriorate. During the long-term storage, the particulate contaminants in the oil tend to agglomerate. If the hydraulic machine is subjected to vibration during transportation, it will also coalesce in tiny particles. After joining the hydraulic system, the fission speed will be greatly accelerated. Taking mineral oil hydraulic oil as an example, more than 96% of the components are carbon and hydrogen compounds—hydrocarbons, and the rest are sulfur, nitrogen, and ash. Also according to the need to add anti-oxidation, anti-wear, rust, defoaming, pour and other additives. In use, due to external causes such as air, moisture, impurities, heat, light, and mechanical agitation, the internal causes of the chemical composition and additive properties of single-column hydraulic presses and hydraulic oils cause various physical and chemical changes. Hydraulic oil gradually deteriorated.

       There are three ways to determine the oil change period:

       1) Determined by visual inspection on schedule, whether the maintenance staff sampled on time, or whether to change the oil after doing a simple analysis, is also dependent on personal experience.

       2) Change oil according to schedule. This is a common method used by factories. However, it is not in line with the actual conditions of aging and deterioration of hydraulic oil in use, nor does it take into consideration the fact that the use of hydraulic presses is frequent and other actual operating conditions. Therefore, it is biased in experience and not scientific enough.

       3) Demarcate the oil change index, and determine whether to change the oil according to the oil sample test results, in the most scientific and fairest way. However, the same oil change indicator has not yet been designated.