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6 points to attention to the daily use of the section bending machine

Daily maintenance of profile bending machine


Proper use of profile bending machines, careful implementation of equipment maintenance and compliance with safe operating procedures are necessary conditions for reducing machine failures, extending equipment life and ensuring safe production.

Therefore, the operator and maintenance personnel of the profile bending machine must understand the structure, performance, maintenance methods, and operating procedures of the machine.

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About hydraulic oil

Hydraulic system of profile bending machine
Hydraulic system of profile bending machine

Warning:Do not start the section bending machine until the hydraulic oil tank is not filled with oil.

Before use, check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is full. If it is insufficient, fill it to prevent the pump from emptying.

The hydraulic oil used in the equipment must be strictly filtered before it can be filled into the tank. The tank must be cleaned before loading. Generally, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended.

BIT series section bender uses oil as the medium and must be cleanning of oil and equipment. Maintenance work to avoid blocking or oil leakage affect the use of results.

Machine maintenance

Correct use and reasonable maintenance can extend the supplement of the profile bending machine and reduce repair costs.

Hydraulic system of profile bending machine
Hydraulic system of 180 profile bending machine

The maintenance of this section bender mainly includes the following points:

  1. The profile bending machine must work under the condition of normal operation and good lubrication, and strictly implement the lubrication system.
  2. Develop a regular inspection and repair system.
  3. All vulnerable parts should be replaced in time when they are excessively worn or lose the original performance requirements. If the parts are damaged, they should be replaced in time.
  4. During use, pay attention to the temperature of each part, and the temperature of the rolling bearing should not exceed 80°C.
  5. The electrical system should be overhauled regularly, dust removed, and damaged and invalid components should be replaced in time. The machine tool should be properly grounded.
  6. It is forbidden to stack profiles casually at the profile bending work site,keep the workplace clean