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Curved steel beam and curved steel beam

Curved steel beam and curved steel beam

In the field of structural engineering, camber is considered to cause a slight arc or bend in the beam. Positive camber is a hump in the center of the beam, which is shaped like a frown. Generally, positive bends can be seen in steel beams or trusses to support flat roofs or decks that carry large loads and do not require large columns. Negative camber is a drooping shape in the beam, which resembles a smile. Sagging means that the beam is overloaded and is generally not allowed or intentionally used in structural applications. You may find that the ends of some cantilever beams do bend slightly upwards to provide greater tensile strength at the edge of the cantilever when loading. Arched beams allow the use of smaller beams instead of larger beams to support the same load. This can reduce the weight of the structure and save more costs. Although curved beams are primarily related to architectural design, it is not uncommon to find versions of curved beams used in flatbed truck trailer chassis.

Typical curved steel beams are produced by rolling or pressing arcs into straight beams. The design standards limit the allowable depth and length of beams suitable for use as bending members of buildings, but they can also be produced quickly and in large quantities. The beams used in the flatbed trailer design take more time because they are made of steel plates and welded together, similar to "combined" profiles. Although the flange plate can be rolled or heated to maintain a slight curvature, the actual web of the plasma beam is cut into complex geometries so that space can be left for the rear axle and fixed on the truck cab while maintaining an arc profile .

Curved beams, or in this case, curved beams, bring many potential benefits to flatbed trailers, such as longer service life, increased load capacity and reduced weight, resulting in better Fuel economy. Due to the curved deck, flatbed trailers with arcs are not suitable for all types of load distribution or freight containers. Care must be taken to match the bed style to the load to be transported.