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4 points of attention: get the transportation of MSM-50 profile bending machine

profile bending machine


WQJY-50 profile bending machine
WQJY-50 profile bending machine

The profile bending machine can be transported in horizontal position by any means of transportation under the condition that road traffic regulations are followed.

During transport, the machine needs to be secured against movement or damage e.g. by means of fastening belts.

profile bending machine
MSM-50 profile bending machine

During transport by forklift, make sure that the forklift’s load capacity is at least 30% above the machine’s weight and do not lift it to a height greater than 300 mm.

4 points

The procedure of preparing the profile bending machine for transport is to follow these steps:

Shut down the machine and disconnect it from the power source.

Wind up the machine’s power cable and hang it on the hook of the frame of onto the motor reducer.

Wind up the foot pedal switch’s power cable and fasten it together with the foot pedal itself to the machine’s body.

Lift the machine using a forklift and transport it to the desired location.