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MSM-50 profile bending machine introduction

 WQJ-400 profile bending machine
WQJ-400 profile bending machine

The working (rolling) system of the profile bending machine consists of two guide rolls and one top, active bending roll whose working position can be adjusted by means of a rotating handle / arm.

The MSM-50 equipped with this handle for adjusting the upper roll position and the WQJY-400 is equipped with an hydraulic system / handpump for adjusting the position of the upper roll.

All 3 rolls are driven by a motor reducer.

It is possible to disconnect the upper bending roll from the drive by means of changing the position of the lever on the side of the machine.

The movement of the rolls is initiated by pressing and holding one of the two foot pedal switches on the foot-operation controller. Each foot pedal switch corresponds to a direction of roll rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise).

The body which is fastened to the base frame is protected against damage by the section thanks to adjustable guide rollers. It is possible to adjust their distance from the body by means of adjusting the nuts found in the rear part of the body.

The body is fastened to the frame by means of two pins rotating in sleeves. The working position of the profile bending machine can be changed to a horizontal position by pulling the securing pin, rotating the body by an angle of 90° with the motor reducer facing downwards, and pushing back the pin into the body.

The profile bending machine is equipped with 2 emergency stop buttons. One is found near the electrical cabinet and the other on the foot controller.