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2 starting methods of MSM-50 profile bending machine

First start

During the first start-up, the profile bending machine should run for about 2 minutes without rolling any material-the bending roller should be moved by the foot controller.

Workplace requirements for profile bending machine
Workplace requirements for MSM-50 profile bending machine

During this period, check whether the profile bending machine is running smoothly, without impact, and no friction or scratching sound is found. If the section bender vibrates excessively or the sound of rotating components rubbing on the fixed parts is clearly heard, you must immediately turn off the machine and unplug the power plug from the power socket.

If possible and approved, please check and eliminate the cause of the failure or contact the manufacturer.

Normal start

Every time the machine is started, it should be started without placing any part between the rollers to check whether it is working properly.

profile bending machine
MSH-50 Profile Bending Machine

After ensuring that the machine runs in accordance with the specifications given in the instruction manual and the direction corresponding to the foot pedal, you can start metal processing the machine