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2 section explains the attention in the operation of the profile bending machine


Safe systems of work should be followed when operating a profile bending machine.

In particular:

The use of gloves with fingertips during initial feeding of work pieces should be prohibited because the tips can be caught and drawn into the roll intake. Where there is a genuine need for hand protection, palm protection only may be sufficient. Loose fitting clothing should not be worn. Overalls with close fitting cuffs and sleeves are preferred.

hydraulic tube bending machine
hydraulic tube bending machine

Work pieces should always be held sufficiently far back from the edge being fed into the rolls to allow for the infeed speed of the machine, and therefore prevent close hand approach to the rolls. Where the nature of the work permits, suitable handling aids such as feed tables or rollers should be used.

The area around the machine should be adequately lit and kept free of materials which might cause slips or trips. When more than one operator is involved with the work, clear operating.

Further reading: Safety guidance


The main points to note when operating a profile bending machine.:

  • First fix the upper mold, the center of gravity of the mold and the center of the pressure head are in a straight line; the upper and lower mold planes must be closely matched, the gap is even, and the upper mold is checked for sufficient stroke.
  • Start the profile bending machine, test the pressure, check if there is any abnormality, and the lubrication is good. It is difficult to remove the workpiece from the mold, and it is necessary to add some lubricant or lubricating oil to reduce the friction so as to be easily released.
  • Before the formal bending, it is necessary to check whether the workpiece number and size are consistent with the drawing, and whether the blank has burrs that affect the pressing quality.
  • It is forbidden to directly take the workpiece on the mold of the profile bending machine ( also called section bender or angle bending machine ) by hand.