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Continuous Spiral Screw Blade Auger Flight Cold Rolling Forming Machine for Helical Screw piles and Conveyor

Screw Bending Machine

The cold-rolled Spiral Blade Bending Machine(Screw Flight Bending Machine) can process various specifications of carbon steel spiral blades and stainless steel spiral blades through the conical roller extrusion method.

The PBS Screw Bending Machine(Screw Flight Bending Machine) is a cold bending equipment with various characteristics of a cold bending machine. It is mainly used to produce spiral blades of various types and specifications. Through the relative movement of two conical rollers, this equipment can extrude strip steel of different materials into continuous screw blades of various specifications and sizes. The screw bending machine equipment is equipped with a hydraulic cutting device, and customers can cut it into any length according to their needs for convenient use.

Screw Blades Bending Machine/Spiral Forming Machines

Screw Bending Machine

The PBS Screw Bending Machine is an automated equipment that integrates electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical functions and has high precision and stability. One set of rollers can produce screw blades of different sizes. The thickness of the screw blades is uniform and the size error is small.

The PBS Screw Bending Machine has the characteristics of variable frequency operation, compact structure and simple operation. The running speed of the equipment can be changed according to the actual situation. The PBS Screw Bending Machine eliminates the tedious and complicated process. The new structure has good controllability, and one worker can complete the entire process independently.

How to Choose?

How to choose the right screw bending machine

Screw Bending Machine Parameter Table

Roller Speed1-12rpm1-6rpm
Main Motor Power22KW22KW
High Pressure Pump Pressure50Mpa50Mpa
Hydraulic Motor Plunger Pump16Mpa16Mpa
Processing Thickness, Width8/150mm8/150mm
Allowable Thickness Of Rolled Strip2mm-6mm2mm-8mm
Allowable Width Of Rolled Strip140mm150mm
#Small Inner Diameter Of Rolled Blade20mm20mm
The #Largest Outer Diameter Of The Rolled Blade600mm800mm
#BigproductionefficiencyHigh-Pressure Pump Pressure0.5-1.2t/h
Total Power28.6kw24kw
Rolled MaterialsCarbon steel, Stainless SteelCarbon steel, Stainless Steel
Total Weight7-7.5 tons14.5-15 tons

Types of Screw Bending Machine

The Screw Bending Machine is divided into two types: mechanical type and hydraulic type. The mechanical type is a purely mechanical structure, which is composed of a variety of different mechanical structures and can produce screw blades of various specifications and sizes. To process spiral blades of different sizes, you only need to adjust the rotation direction and angle of the roll; the hydraulic Screw Bending Machine uses a combination of machinery and hydraulics to make the equipment operation simpler and adjustment easier. The hydraulic system replaces manual labor. The tedious and time-consuming adjustment can save customers costs and increase profits.

Screw Blades

Screw blades are also divided into several types, equal thickness type, and unequal thickness type. In terms of material, there are ordinary high-carbon steel, stainless steel, and special material steel.

The screw bending machine is used to produce screw blades of unequal thickness. The inner diameter part of the processed screw blade is thick, while the outer diameter edge part is thin. This is related to the rolling principle of the equipment. The cold rolling mill rolls the steel bars by relatively rotating two conical rollers. By changing the edge of the steel strip, the steel strip forms a rotating shape. According to the rolling formula, it can be obtained that a strip of a certain size is rolled into a certain size screw blade.

Continuous Screw Blades

Continuous screw blades are widely used in many industries, including mining, breeding, environmental protection, agriculture and other fields. Compared with traditional auger screw blades, continuous screw blades have great advantages, firstly, appearance, secondly, practicality, and thirdly, processing.

First of all, let’s talk about the appearance. The continuous screw blade is produced by a spiral blade cold rolling mill. The raw material is a low-carbon steel strip. After being rolled by the screw bending machine, it naturally forms a screw shape. The outer diameter, inner hole, pitch, and other dimensions are consistent, the appearance is beautiful, with no scratches and no burrs. The finished screw blade is inserted into the pipe and can be used after simple spot welding.

Second, is the output of continuous screw blades. Compared with single-piece screw blades, the output of continuous screw blades is very high. With the same specifications, dozens of meters of finished product can be produced in one hour. However, single-piece screw blades processed by traditional methods can only process a dozen pieces at the same time. In terms of output, processing time is saved several times.

Finally, let’s talk about processing technology. The traditional screw blade manufacturing method uses steel plates to cut materials and then stretches or squeezes them. After cutting, the excess steel plate edges become waste. As for continuous screw blades, the raw material is steel strips, which turn directly into screw blades after coming out. There is no need to cut, so there is no waste.