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PLB-25 Precision Roller Leveler

precision leveler
PLB 25 Roller Leveler

Main Parameters

Roller Diameter25mm
Roller Number31
Rated Thickness (Q235)0.3-1.0mm
Max. Thickness (Q235)2.0mm
Min. Length50mm
Leveling Speed0-10m/min
ApplicationTape Coiling, Sheet Metals, Flat Parts, and Mirror Sheet Metals
Main Parameters of PLB-25 Series Plate Leveling Machine


applications plate leveling machine


ModelPLB 25-160PLB 25-300PLB 25-500
 Thickness (mm)  Width (mm) Width (mm) Width (mm)  
0.3- 1.0160300500
1.885165 270
2.075 150 250
Leveling Width Range and Leveling Accuracy Table of PLB 25 Roller Leveler. *CNC adjustment; sizes, widths, and speeds are customizable.

Unspecified Tolerance between Straightness and Flatness 

Workpiece Length Range (mm)> 30~ 100> 100~ 300>300~1000>1000~3000
Tolerance Grade H (mm)0.
Tolerance Grade K (mm)0.
Tolerance Grade L (mm)0.
GB/T1184-1996 – Chinese; Maximum Leveling Capacity: Yield Strength σY × Workpiece Lengthmax × Workpiece Higthmax2
plate leveler
PLB Plate Leveler

The precision roller leveling process of PLB Plate Leveler uses continuous and repeated bending technology to double the leveling efficiency and enter the continuous production line, saving labor costs and getting rid of the technical dependence on traditional leveling experience.

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