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PLB-200 Precision Roller Leveler

plate leveling machine
PLB 200 Roller Leveler

Main Parameters

Roller Diameter200mm
Width(mm)1100, 1300, 1600, 2100, 2600
Roller Number13
Rated Thickness (Q235)10-40mm
Max. Thickness (Q235)100mm
Min. Length400mm
Leveling Speed0-10m/min
ApplicationTape Coiling, Sheet/Plate Metals, Flat Parts, and Mirror Sheet Metals
Main Parameters of PLB-200 Series Plate Leveling Machine


applications of plate leveling machine
Applications of PLB 200 Roller Leveler


ModelPLB 200-1100PLB 200-1300 PLB 200-1600PLB 200-2100 PLB 200-2600
 Thickness (mm)   Width (mm) Width (mm)  Width (mm)  Width (mm)  Width (mm)
10-40110013001600 2100 2600
70620730900 1200 1480
80550650800 10501300
90480570700 920930
100440520640 840840
Leveling Width Range and Leveling Accuracy Table of PLB 200 Roller Leveler
*CNC adjustment; sizes, widths, and speeds are customizable.

Unspecified Tolerance between Straightness and Flatness 

Workpiece Length Range (mm)> 30~ 100> 100~ 300>300~1000>1000~3000
Tolerance Grade H (mm)0.
Tolerance Grade K (mm)0.
Tolerance Grade L (mm)0.
GB/T1184-1996 – Chinese; Maximum Leveling Capacity: Yield Strength σY × Workpiece Lengthmax × Workpiece Higthmax2