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Precision Roller Leveler Manufacturers

Plate and Sheet Metal Roller Leveling Machines

BIT High-Performance Plate Leveling Machines (Customizable Integrated Fully Automatic And Semi-Automatic Replacement Systems) Provide Excellent Precision Leveling Results, Eliminating Internal Stress In Flat Metal And Parts.

Precision Roller Levelers
Precision Roller Levelers

PL Plate Leveling Machine

PL series plate leveling machine (roller leveler) has the characteristics of advanced technology, high leveling precision, wide application range, high degree of automation, and good reliability under high-intensity work. It is suitable for leveling and processing various cold and hot rolled plates and workpieces. The materials cover carbon steel plate, stainless steel, tungsten platinum plate, aluminum plate, titanium plate, nickel plate, copper plate, tantalum, niobium, and other rare and precious metals. PL plate leveling machine has been verified by the market for many years: The machine tool has good stability and high production efficiency.

PL series plate leveling machine(roller leveling machine) has complete specifications, various varieties, reasonable structure, and advanced technology. The PL plate leveling machines are easy to operate and simple.

It is widely used in high-strength sheet metal industries such as shipbuilding, rolling stock, boilers, bridges, metal structures, the military industry, and aerospace, It has become an indispensable product in the roller leveling process.

Roller Leveling Machine
PLD Plate Leveling Machine

PLD Plate Leveling Machine

PLD series roller leveler (plate leveling machine) is used for leveling high-strength metal plates, and it is designed according to the working conditions of high-strength steel plates, composite steel plates, explosive steel plates, and surfacing steel plates.

The PLD roller leveling machine is composed of multiple sets of single-piece beams. Each upper roller is installed on an independent single-piece beam. Each single-piece beam has an independent set of transmission devices. The upper rollers can be adjusted up and down independently. At the same time, it is adjusted up and down, and the position of each upper roller is detected by an independent displacement measuring device, which can be easily read and set on the CNC operation screen.

The PLD roller leveler has high leveling precision, easy feeding, and high production efficiency. It is especially suitable for steel plates with serious warping. The accuracy of the steel plate is more stable after roller leveling.

Roller Leveling Machine
PLE Roller Leveling Machine

PLE Plate Leveling Machine

PLE non-ferrous metal plate leveling machine is designed for the characteristics of rare and precious metal plates such as aluminum sheets, molybdenum sheets, titanium sheets, zinc, tantalum, niobium, etc., with high leveling accuracy and good surface quality after processing.

Six-high structure leveling machine, the middle roller is set between the work roll and the back-up roll, which can effectively isolate the marks produced by the back-up roll of the four-high leveler on the board surface, and improve the surface quality of the board.

Using advanced group drive control technology, the working rolls adapt to the running speed of the sheet, avoiding scratches on the sheet surface, and effectively protecting the quality of the plate surface. The quick roll-changing device can move the upper and lower roll boxes (roller groups).

Roller Leveler
PLB Roller Leveler

PLB Plate Leveling Machine

PLB plate leveling machine(roller leveler) is developed and designed for precision leveling of stamped parts and plates. It is suitable for the precision leveling of cabinet plates, mesh plates, wheel discs, ring gears, chains, sprockets, and automobile parts.

PLB roller leveler is equipped with a multi-roller high-precision work roll system, the roll gap during the leveling process is stable and reliable, the leveling accuracy is high, and the part leveling accuracy is less than 0.3mm/m2.

plate leveling machine
Plate Leveling Machine

Roller Leveler

Roller Leveler: also known as a roller leveling machine, plate leveler or roller leveler machine, is a type of industrial equipment used in metalworking and manufacturing processes. Its primary function is to flatten and level metal sheets or coils, especially those that might have undergone processes like rolling, stamping, or slitting, which can introduce variations in flatness and thickness.

The roller leveling machine is a special equipment for leveling metal plates in a cold state. It adopts the working principle of multiple rolls to make the steel plate deform repeatedly between the leveling work rolls to achieve the purpose of eliminating stress and leveling the workpiece.

The leveling accuracy is not only closely related to the structure, strength, and rigidity of the roller leveler machine itself, the size of the roll diameter, the roll distance, and the number of rolls, but more importantly: it is related to the thickness, shape, and original shape of the workpiece being leveled, the state, the amount of deformation, also have a great relationship.

Roller Leveling Machine
Roller Leveling Machine

Types of Plate Leveling Machines

Theoretically, the smaller the roll diameter of the leveling roll (also known as the work roll), the denser the roll spacing, and the more the number of rolls, the higher the leveling accuracy.
The roller leveler machine has the ordinary double-type simple type (Two high roller plate leveling machines), the equipment structure is simple, the number of rolls is generally small, usually 5–11 rolls, the roll diameter is large, and the upper and lower leveling rolls do not have auxiliary support rollers and rollers, the leveling accuracy is not high, and the shape of the workpiece must be simple and the deformation is relatively regular, such as steel plate, usually rectangular or the like, otherwise, the leveling accuracy will be worse; there are standard four-high (four-high plate leveling machine) / six-high( six high roller leveler), the equipment structure is complex, the strength and rigidity of the frame and other components are high, the number of rollers is large, usually 13–23 rollers, the roller diameter is small, and the upper and lower leveling rollers have multiple sets of auxiliary support rollers and roller, high leveling accuracy.