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Weight Calculator for Round Steel Bars

Here BIT provides you with the Weight Calculator for Round Steel Bars and Round Steel Bar Weight Formula. Maybe you’d like to browse our page about profile bending to learn about the ways metal sections can be bent and the various bending processes. The video on the right is BIT’s PBH section bending machine for steel profile bending, which is also called a profile bending machine.

Bending Process Calculator

Here we provide some calculators for the metal bending process, hoping they will be helpful to you!

Weight Calculator in Kg

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Round Steel Bar Weight Calculator

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Round Steel Bar Weight Formula

Round Steel Bar Weight Formula

The formula commonly used to calculate the weight of a round steel bar is based on its diameter (D) and length (L). Here’s the formula:



  • Volume = π×(2/D​)2×L (Volume of a cylinder)
  • Density = Density of steel (typically around 7.85 g/cm³ or 7850 kg/m³)

So, the formula for the weight of a round steel bar can be expressed as:

Weight= π×(2/D​)2×L×Density

Or, if you prefer:


This formula calculates the weight in kilograms. Make sure to use consistent units for diameter (typically in millimeters) and length (typically in meters) to get accurate results.