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Pipe Weight Calculator in KG/MTR

Here BIT provides you with the Pipe Weight Calculator In Kg/Mtr and Calculator Formula. You should also check out our Profile Bending Process page.

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Weight Calculator in Kg

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Seamless Steel Pipe Calculator


Weight per meter: (kg/m)

Total weight: (kg)

Calculator for Seamless steel pipes KG

How To Calculate The Weight Of Seamless Steel Pipes

The weight of any tube can be calculated with the following formulas. Simply multiply the appropriate alloy density by the calculation shown below of the required part.

density (g/cm³)7.85g/cm³
(OD² – (OD – 2xT)²)(50.0 mm² – (50.0 mm – 2×1.0 mm)²)
weight1.209 kg

To calculate the weight of seamless steel pipes, you need to consider their dimensionsspecifically the outer diameter (D) and the wall thickness ($). The weight per meter of the pipecan be determined using the formula:


This formula takes into account the relationship between the outer diameter and the wallthickness of the pipe. The weight is calculated by multiplying the wall thickness by the differencebetween the outer diameter and the wall thickness, and then by a constant factor of 0.02466.

For accurate results, ensure that the units of measurement for the outer diameter and walthickness are consistent (e.g., both in millimeters or inches). Once you have the weight per meter,you can multiply it by the length of the pipe to find the total weight.



Step-by-step guide to calculate the weight of seamless steel pipes

  • Determine Dimensions: Obtain the outer diameter (D) and wall thickness (S) of the seamless steel pipe.
  • ApplyFormula: Use theformulaW=0.02466 x$ x(D- S) to calculate the weight per meter of the pipe.
  • Substitute Values: Substitute the values of D and S into the formula.
  • Calculate: Perform the calculations to find the weight (W/) per meter of the seamless steel pipe.
    • For example, if D=60mm and S=4mm:
      • W=0.02466x4x(60-4)
        =5.52 kg/m
    • Result: The weight per meter of the seamless steel pipe is 5.52 kg/m.

By following these steps, you can accurately calculate the weight of seamless steel pipes based on their dimensions.

Seamless Pipe Weight Calculator Formula

The weight of seamless steel pipe per meter W=0.02466*S(D-S).

  • Symbol meaning: D=outer diameter, S=wall thickness.
  • For example: a seamless steel pipe with an outer diameter of 60mm and a wall thickness of 4mm, find the weight per m.
  • Solution: Weight per m=0.02466*4*(60-4)=5.52Kg.

The calculation formula of seamless steel pipe theoretical weight seamless steel pipe W=0.0246615(D-S)*SW.

Outer diameter measurement of seamless pipe

Extended information:

  • The formula for calculating the weight of carbon steel pipes with square and rectangular (rectangular) cross-sections:
    The unit of weight per meter: kg/m (kilogram/meter) & lb/ft (lb/ft).
    Calculation formula: kg/m = (OC-4WT) * WT * 0.00785
    Among them: OC is the outer circumference, WT is the wall thickness; square OC=4*a, rectangle OC=2a+2b a,b is the side length.
  • Weight calculation formula for circular section carbon steel pipe:
    Calculation formula: kg/m = (OD-WT) * WT * 0.0246615.
    Among them: OD is the outer diameter and WT is the wall thickness.