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PBH Series CNC/PLC Double-Pinch Profile Bending Machines

PBH Series Double-Pinch Section Bending Machines are small in size, compact and reasonable in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in operation and maintenance, and their bending accuracy meets industry standard requirements;
It is a Double-Pinch bending machine, with 8 sets of oil cylinder drives it has the function of pre-bending at the ends of both sides, and PLC control.

4 roller profile bending machine
4 roller profile bending machine

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Structural form

Three-roller, Double-Pinch, the lower roll moves in an arc.

Driving method

The three working rollers are the main driving rollers, which are realized by hydraulic motors and gears. The position of the top roll is fixed, and the lifting of the two lower rolls is driven by hydraulic transmission. 3D guide rollers, so as to ensure the rolling accuracy of profiles with asymmetrical sections;

3D guide roller

The 3D guide roller can realize three movements through PCL control:

3D transverse guide rollers
Can be adjusted independently in six directions to ensure the best control of the flatness of the rolling, and to correct the distortion generated during the profile rolling process.
  • Up and down movement.
  • It can cooperate with the lower roller to make arc rising and falling movements at the same time;
  • It can perform rotating motion at the same time, and the digital display of the motion state is eye-catching and intuitive, and the forming quality of the profile during the rolling process can be observed at any time;
  • By adjusting two more powerful horizontal hydraulic 3D guide rollers, they can be adjusted in the six directions of up and down, left and right movement, and push/pull, respectively, and can support and accompany curved profiles to ensure optimal control of the rolling level Straightness, and correct the deformation of the profile rolling process.
3D transverse guide rollers
Can be adjusted independently in six directions to ensure the best control of the flatness of the rolling, and to correct the distortion generated during the profile rolling process.

The independent mobile operation table ensures the safety of the operator and is easy to operate and use.

Fuselage frame: Fuselage frame: The BIT series profile bending machine has the strongest frame that can be found on the market. The unique full-frame design can withstand all bending forces and guarantees the rigidity and performance of the machine during decades of use by BIT customers; it adopts an extended design In order to increase rigidity and strength, it is manufactured by welding, and after welding by high-quality heavy steel plate, stress is eliminated.

Combination mold

  • It can bend angle iron, flat bar, channel, H-beam, I-beam, Tee steel, steel pipe/tubing, and other profiles; (the standard configuration is a combination mold, or it can be replaced with a set of pipe bending molds).
  • The mold is made of 42CrMo forging, quenched and tempered HB235~270, and overall quenched. It has good comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, and strong wear resistance. It is suitable for high-load work and has a long service life.

Spindle bearings: The three work roll spindles all adopt self-aligning roller bearings.

The rotation of the three roller shafts is rolling friction, and the bearings on the shaft diameter of the work rolls are all rolling bearings suitable for low speed, heavy load, and high torque, which have low reactive power loss and high working efficiency and are energy-saving products.

The pivoting arm adopts trackless movement, which overcomes the disadvantages of difficult manufacturing, easy wear, and a large friction coefficient caused by the track of the slideway. The wearing parts are reduced and the service life of the machine is extended. The rotating arm and oil cylinder are used to push the rollers on both sides, and the energy-saving and labor-saving lever principle is applied to reduce reactive power loss.

Hydraulic system and electrical control system

The main valve groups in the hydraulic system are all selected from Yuci Youken, a famous Chinese brand. The valve group is a casting flow channel, with a large flow rate, small resistance, small pressure loss, and low heat generation, which makes the machine performance more reliable.

The hydraulic pipeline joints are quick-fit joints used in metallurgical mines, and the joints have reliable radial seals to ensure that the hydraulic system of the equipment does not leak oil during operation.

The hydraulic system has suction and returns oil filters to ensure the cleanliness of the system, and an air filter to ensure the normal ventilation of the oil tank and water evaporation. There are double-channel safety protection devices in the system to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Each input and output port of the hydraulic system is required to be equipped with a corresponding detection point, which is convenient for maintenance and fault inspection. The oil pump adopts the bottom type, positive pressure oil suction. At the same time, the filter is equipped with a liquid level gauge and a liquid temperature gauge. The hydraulic station is required to be independent of the machine base for easy maintenance and away from heat sources.

The production of the hydraulic system should be strictly in accordance with Chinese national standards and industry standards. The bending radius is reasonable and not less than 900.

The design of the hydraulic system fully considers high efficiency and energy saving, reduces power waste, and reduces heat sources.

Provide instructions for common faults and troubleshooting methods of the hydraulic system of the bending machine.

The main electrical components of the strong current part are all made of high-quality products from China, a famous Chinese brand, which have the characteristics of long service life and long trouble-free time. The safety interlock protection device between.

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