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PEMH-A Steel Plate Edge Milling Machine

  • Suitable for plate thickness > 20mm, with many bevel angles, and can process U-shaped bevels;
  • There is no need to replace the angle cutter head when the bevel angle changes and the degree of automation is high.

PEMH-A steel plate edge milling machine can adjust the angle from 0 to 45º without changing the cutter head, so it can process different bevel angles and can also achieve U-shaped bevel processing. The PEM-A Plate Edge Milling Machine is composed of left and right main machines. Each side of the main machine is equipped with 3 sets of independently driven milling units, which respectively complete the processing of the up bevel, down bevel, and blunt edge on one side. The left and right main machines can automatically adjust the width of the processing plate according to the requirements; the upper and lower bevel milling units can automatically feed horizontally to change the size of the blunt edge, and have functions such as automatic adjustment of 0~45º angles and up and down lifting.


plate edge milling machine
PEMH-A steel plate edge milling machine
Plate Edge Milling Machine
Plate Edge Milling Machine
Plate Edge Milling Machine


NoProcessing thickness (mm)Processing width (mm)Processing length (mm)
120-801000-4000≥ 4000
220-1201000-4000≥ 4000
330-1501200-4000≥ 4000
430-3001500-4000≥ 4000
PEMH-H Plate Edge Milling Machine: Suitable for plate thickness 20-300mm, small bevel angle.
PEMH Plate Edge Milling Process: Loading → Centering of Plate → Positioning → Conveying the workpiece → Milling the front end bevel → Conveying the workpiece → Milling the two side bevels → Conveying the workpiece → Milling the rear end bevel → Unloading

Due to the gantry milling concept and the magnetic clamping units, the highest flexibility is given and even complex plate shapes such as trapezoidal and curved plates (e.g. for the vessel and wind tower industry) can be processed. For non-magnetic and complex materials such as Stainless Steel, High alloyed steels, Duplex and Super-Duplex grades, special clamping tables are available.