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Plate Edge Milling Machine Manufacturers

Plate Edge Milling Machine

Automatic Centering, Automatic Feeding, No Clamping Required;
PEM Edge Milling Machine: The edge milling processing of plate materials covers carbon steel plates, high-strength plates, stainless steel plates, and other plates; Edge milling capacity: thickness from 4mm up to 300mm, larger plate dimensions upon request. Various profile types can be realized..

Plate Edge Milling Machine
PEMH Plate Edge Milling Machine

PEMH CNC Plate Edge Milling Machine

The PEM CNC Plate Edge Milling Machine is an independent innovation product of BIT. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and has obtained a Chinese national patent: leading technology, advanced technology, reliable operation, reaching the international leading level; solving the problem of simultaneous processing of multi-edge bevels of sheet metal and high precision. Technical problems in cutting and dynamic stability.

Leveling and Edge Milling

The PEMH Plate Edge Milling Machine can process all 4 sides of the plate in one loading material at one time, which can simultaneously process the up bevels, down bevels, and blunt edges of multiple sides of the plate.

  • Processing capacity: thickness 4 ~ 300mm
  • Feeding speed: reach up to 5m/min (more than 12 times that of edge milling machines and edge cutting machines)
  • Processing plate straightness ≤ 0.5mm /10000mm
  • Processing sheet width accuracy ≤ 0.5mm
  • Processing groove surface roughness Ra ≤ 125um
Plate Edge Milling Machine

Milling sheets cover carbon steel plates, high-strength plates, stainless steel plates, and other plates; Milling of various plate geometries (trapezoidal, curved) is possible; Processing plate thickness from 4mm to 300mm in various specifications, can be divided into single-side, double-side, three-side, and four-side plate edge milling machine. Widely used in bridges, containers, steel structures, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, wind power, boilers, and other industries.

Plate Edge Milling Machine
PEMJ Plate Edge Milling Machine

Top 7 Advantages of PEM Plate Edge Milling Machine

  1. Unique technology and leading technology: combined pneumatic, divided elasticity, multi-point partial pressure; long-distance sheet material follow-up feeding, intermittent cutting, and stable workpiece.
  2. Special tools, high-speed cutting: special combined tools with multi-cutters, dense teeth, small angles, and large diameters; tool entry and exit points with minimal shock waves; high bending strength, heavy-duty high-speed cutting technology, and technology.
  3. Bilateral synchronization, one-time molding: different cutting tools are cut separately, and the tools have parallel displacement functions. They can process I, V, K, and U groove forms to obtain the inherent roughness and straightness of one-time molding.
  4. Automatic centering, automatic feeding, no clamping required. After the workpiece is hoisted to the centering conveyor platform, it is automatically centered and fed. The workpiece is automatically adsorbed by the electromagnet, and the automatic centering and adsorption actions are completed within 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Automatic chip removal, pneumatic cooling: automatic self-adjusting closed cutting method, bevel milling, and edge cutting run at the same time, and iron chips flow into the waste box in a concentrated manner.
  6. Compact structure and easy separation: The multi-unit combined structure ensures strong rigidity, makes full use of the structural space, and is reasonably laid out. The main shaft and pressure roller are two boxes, and the unit is composed of four sliding plates. It can be automatically separated and closed at any time according to maintenance needs. , the two boxes are combined into one during operation, which is stable and compact, creating sufficient space for quick tool replacement.
  7. High speed, accuracy, safety, and reliability: The processing speed is determined according to the feed speed of different specifications and types of plates. The entire machine operates using a digital detection and signal feedback system. Once an accident such as an overload or failure occurs, the system will automatically shut down for protection.

PEM Plate Edge Milling Machine

Milling Thickness ≤ 60mm

Milling Thickness 20 ~ 300mm

Milling Thickness 6 ~ 180mm

Milling Thickness 4 ~ 200mm

Milling Thickness ≤ 60mm

Milling Thickness ≤ 60mm

Meet Small Parts Processing

Milling Thickness: 6-300mm

Milling Thickness: 6-80mm

Milling Thickness: 6-220mm

Milling Thickness: 6-40mm