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4-roll plate bending machine
4-roll plate bending machine

4 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine PR4

The CNC PR4 is the most precise and easiest-to-use full pre-bending 4-roll plate bending machine. Moreover, thanks to their production methods, the PR4 bending rolls can be effectively controlled through numerical control systems.

The CNC PR4 series 4 roll plate bending machine has been refined over the years through extensive research and development and is considered one of the finest plate rolling machines available on the market worldwide, which are particularly suited for large sheet metal thicknesses. The advantage of this design is that the bending process is done in one operation. They are considered the most cost-effective investment for high productivity requirements for rolling plates from 5 to 150mm in thickness up to a useful length of 18000mm.

  • Bending Thickness: 5-150mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 4.4-120mm
  • Roller’s Working Length: 1000-6000mm
4-roll plate bending machine
4-roll plate bending machine


In all models of BIT’s PR4 4 roll plate rolling machines, the top and lower rolls are the main driving rollers, which provide torque for sheet rolling through their rotation; the position of the top roll is fixed, and the lower and side rolls can be moved up and down, the rotation of all rolls is hydraulically driven. The lifting and lowering of the lower and side rolls, as well as the overturning and resetting of the unloading bracket of the top roll, are all driven by the oil cylinder. Each rolls bearing body and oil cylinder are installed inside the equipment.

The rolling processing method of PR4 plate rolling machines allows the cylindrical ferrule to be made in one pass. Compared with the symmetrical 3-roll bending rolls, it can directly pre-bend the end of the plate without the aid of other equipment and molds, and the remaining straight edge is small. Compared with the asymmetric 3-roll bending machines, they can make cylindrical ferrules at one time. Bending the workpiece into a workpiece not only improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of the workpiece, but also has a simple process and convenient operation.

The working principle of 4-roll bending machine

Plate rolling process

  1. Put the metal plate parallel and perpendicular to the other roll;
  2. Clamp the metal plate with a pre-set clamping force(top and lower rolls);
  3. The metal plate moves backward through the top and lower rolls, and runs to the tangent point as far as possible, leaving a little straight line at the end;
  4. Side roll rise to bend the edge of the metal plate (pre-bending);
  5. By feeding the metal plate by the rotation of the gripping roll(top and lower rolls), the round shape is rolled;
  6. Lower the front roll and raise the other side roll;
  7. Rotate the rolls to roll out a circle of the required diameter;
  8. Correcting a circle is an automatic process that holds the plate in a continuous forward motion to achieve the desired result.