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2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

The 2-roll plate rolling machine engineered and brought to market by BIT is a pinnacle of specialized construction, integrating an oversized, robust structure ensuring unparalleled precision, reliability, and superior quality in the plate rolling process. This advanced design streamlines the rolling process and guarantees maximum quality in the finished product.

Each bending roll within BIT’s series of 2-roll bending machines boasts polyurethane rolls, dynamically applying pressure to accelerate plate forming. This method eliminates the need for post-rolling straightening, simplifying the typical prebending-rolling-prebending sequences observed in 3-roll or 4-roll bending machines. Additionally, our exclusive hydro-mechanical roll lifting system ensures consistent positioning and steady working pressures.

BIT’s 2-roll plate bending machines, equipped with automation capabilities, achieve precise tolerances with remarkable processing speeds. Ideal for bending thin plates ranging from 0.2 to 5 mm in thickness and widths spanning 500 to 2000 mm, achieving bending diameters as tight as 80 mm. They are particularly well-suited for mass-producing cylinders and tanks.

In the Standard version of BIT’s 2-roll bending machine, productivity surpasses 180-200 pieces/hour, with peaks reaching 300 pieces/hour in the BIT’s PBR series 2-roll plate bending machine model. The Standard bending roll version operates fully automatically, eliminating the need for manual labor. BIT’s 2-roll plate bending machine models stand as the premier choice for those seeking high-speed rolling machines that guarantee superior productivity and precision in shaping.

Two Roll Bending Machines

BIT’s line of Two Roll Bending Machines is meticulously crafted for both precision and production. These machines effortlessly shape a variety of materials into cylinders, virtually eliminating flat ends.

Designed to cater to production involving small, light gauge parts, our 2-roll plate bending machines come standard with pneumatic lock-up for enhanced productivity. The standard wiring of 120V 1PH simplifies installation, while optional 220 or 440V 3PH wiring is also available.

Standard Equipment for Roll Bending

2-Roll Plate Bending Machines Automatic Production Line
  • Floor Stand
  • Motorized Roll Drive
  • Lower Roll Steel Core, Grooved Urethane
  • Manual Quick-Release Lever
  • Single–Lever Roll Engagement – Adjustable
  • Adjustable Feed Table with Finger Guard
  • Guarded Electric Footswitch
  • Pneumatic Lock-up
  • UL Compliant Electricals

Optional Accessories for Roll Bending

2-Roll Bending Machine
  • Tooling Slip on Tubes
  • Slip-On Tube Support
  • Small-OD Mounting Fixture
  • Small-OD Shaft Assembly

At BIT, our standard 2 roll bending machines are equipped with 90A Durometer Urethane Rollers, providing versatility in handling various metals while delicately managing pre-cut and perforated materials. For specialized applications, we offer customization, such as an 80A durometer roller, specifically designed for extremely thin and sensitive materials, ensuring precision and consistency with every roll.