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What is aluminum bending machine and how does it work?

About PBA-CNC Aluminum Benders: Aluminum profile bending machines (also called aluminum benders) are used to form aluminum profiles.
An aluminum bender is the forming of aluminum profiles in one axis by a multi-roll bending machine. If the semi-finished product is not moved during the bending process, the distance between the rollers, their diameter, and the depth of immersion determine the bending radius. To produce particularly large bends, the material is pulled through the roller bending machine and moved alternately. The distance between the rollers is gradually adjusted. In most cases, roll bending is the most flexible and cost-efficient bending method. A profile is guided between three adjustable bending rolls and gradually bent in the desired radius.
Roll bending is the ideal bending method for profiles with complex designs and different radii. BIT’s PBA CNC profile bending machine has become specialized in 3D aluminum profile bending machines.

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