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PEMJ-W Plate Edge Milling Machine

PEMJ-W Plate Edge Milling Machine is a pressure-free beam edge milling machine tool with many characteristics such as high efficiency, high precision, and low noise. It is now widely used in nuclear power, boiler vessels, shipbuilding, high-rise steel buildings, bridges, and other industries.

Plate Edge Milling Machine
Plate Edge Milling Machine


  • PEMJ-W Plate Edge Milling Machine is suitable for high-power cutting of medium and thick plates;
  • The follow-up clamping device of PEMJ-W Plate Edge Milling Machine replaces the traditional upper pressure beam clamping method, so that there is no obstacle when loading and unloading materials. It can be directly hoisted into place with a crane, which facilitates the clamping of heavy workpieces and greatly reduces the time required. Auxiliary time for workpiece lifting.


Planing length16000mm
Planing angle0~90°
Processed steel plate thickness6-220mm
Planing bevel formX, U, V, double X type, L type
Main transmission box stroke speed1.7~20m/min
Maximum cross section of planer bar70X70mm
Maximum angle of tool holder rotation±25°
Maximum traction of machine tools70KN
Planning motor power30Kw
PEMJ-W Steel Plate Edge Milling Machine Parameter Table.
Note: The above parameters can be customized according to customer needs

Due to the gantry milling concept and the magnetic clamping units, the highest flexibility is given and even complex plate shapes such as trapezoidal and curved plates (e.g. for the vessel and wind tower industry) can be processed. For non-magnetic and complex materials such as Stainless Steel, High alloyed steels, Duplex and Super-Duplex grades, special clamping tables are available.