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PEMJ-C Plate Edge Milling Machine

PEMJ-C Plate Edge Milling Machine replaces the old planing machine tool. It adopts worm gear transmission mode. Due to the large cutting impact force of the bevel gear, the horizontal feed and vertical feed have a large axial force load, malfunction and damage, and cannot automatically feed. Knife so the failure rate during the cutting process is high, difficult to operate, low efficiency, easy to cut and other shortcomings. After the improvement, the tool uses a coolant device during high-power cutting to prevent tool burning.
PEMJ-C Plate Edge Milling Machine realizes the design concept of human-machine integration and the coexistence of fully automatic and manual functions. It truly realizes the integration of man-machine and facilitates the operator to operate in any state. At the same time, the beveling forms of various metal materials, such as double X-shaped, V-shaped, U-shaped, 0-shaped, etc., can be processed.
PEMJ-C Plate Edge Milling Machine combines SF wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials onto the guide rail contact adjustment pad.


Cutting length mm6000-12000
Creation angle0-45
Processing steel plate thickness (mm)6–80
Cutting speed m/min1.7~12
Tool holder horizontal feed stroke mm (max)120
Tool holder vertical feed stroke mn (max)180
Tool holder rotation angle土25
Maximum cross section of tool bar mm50×50
PEMJ-C Steel Plate Edge Milling Machine Parameter Table.
Note: The above parameters can be customized according to customer needs

Due to the gantry milling concept and the magnetic clamping units, the highest flexibility is given and even complex plate shapes such as trapezoidal and curved plates (e.g. for the vessel and wind tower industry) can be processed. For non-magnetic and complex materials such as Stainless Steel, High alloyed steels, Duplex and Super-Duplex grades, special clamping tables are available.