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Safety rules for CO2 extraction and recovery pump for CO2 extraction machines

The CO2 extraction pump is usually a horizontal, three-plunger, single-acting reciprocating pump. The CO2 extraction pump is specially developed for the supercritical CO2 extraction process. It is used to transport liquid CO2, and can also transport liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid butene, and other media.

CO2 extraction pumps
CO2 extraction pumps

CO2 Recovery Pump/CO2 Recovery System can be used to compress or recover clean air, nitrogen, freon, carbon dioxide gas, and other stable gas media.

CO2 Recovery System Pump
CO2 Recovery System Pump

Top 10 CO2 Extraction Pump & CO2 Recovery Pump Safety Rules

CO2 extraction vessels
CO2 extraction vessels
  1. CO2 Extraction Pumps and CO2 Recovery Pumps Compressed Gas and Electricity Are Dangerous! Only after ensuring that the power supply has been cut off and the compressed gas in the entire CO2 pump and compressor system has been emptied, can inspection or maintenance be carried out on the unit.
  2. Before the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump unit are operated, it must be ensured that all joints and accessories are locked.
  3. During the operation of the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump unit, do not loosen or remove any pipeline accessories, joints, and devices; the unit is full of high-pressure and high-temperature gas, which can cause serious personal injury accidents.
  4. The power supply lines leading to the CO2 pump and compressor system must be installed with suitable air switches, fuses, and other safety devices; in order to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment, please be sure to connect appropriate grounding wires in accordance with relevant professional safety regulations, and Leave the necessary maintenance space around the compressor unit.
  5. The CO2 pump and compressor system cannot work under exhaust pressure higher than the nameplate specified, otherwise, the stress on the compressor parts will deteriorate and the motor will be overloaded, which will lead to abnormal phenomena such as damage to the compressor parts, shortened life, and shutdown.
  6. Use only safe solutions to clean CO2 extraction pumps/compressors and auxiliary equipment.
  7. The safety valve on the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump is the safety protection barrier of the machine. It should be checked by the local testing department at least once a year; when the gas pressure in the system exceeds the rated pressure, the safety valve opens to release the gas, and the cause of the overpressure must be checked at this time. ; The CO2 extraction pump or CO2 recovery pump can be used again only after the fault has been eliminated.
  8. Before doing any maintenance on the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump, the following preparations must be done.
    1. The unit stops;
    2. Cut off the power supply and manually cut off the switch to ensure that the compressor is in a power-off state;
    3. Make sure that the compressed gas in the unit has been vented.
  9. Personal protection: During the operation of the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump, people and clothing should be kept away from moving parts such as compressor pulleys, fan blades, belts, etc. Relevant expertise and experience.
  10. Before starting the CO2 extraction pump and CO2 recovery pump, this maintenance manual must be read.
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