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Process Control of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction

CO2 Extraction Vessel Design

The control system of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction includes:

  1. Automatic control of pressure;
  2. Automatic control of temperature;
  3. Automatic control of speed;
  4. Emergency shutdown of the refrigeration process
  5. Automatic alarm for faults.

Basic tasks of process control engineering design

Process control engineering design is the whole working process expressed in text and drawing data of various schemes to realize the automation of the production process.

On the one hand, these two kinds of information can be provided to government departments for approval of the construction project; on the other hand, they can be used as the basis for the construction, installation, and production of construction units.

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Six contents of process control engineering design

Therefore, the design work plays a decisive role in the construction of the project. In general, process control engineering design should include the following six parts:

  1. Based on the actual situation, determine the level of automation;
  2. Determine various detection parameters;
  3. Design of main parameter control scheme;
  4. Design of signal interlocking system;
  5. Design of control room and instrument panel;
  6. Calculation of throttling devices and regulating valves.

Two Basic Procedures of Process Control Engineering Design

General engineering construction projects are designed in two stages: preliminary design and construction drawing design.

Initial design

For construction projects with complex technology and a lack of design experience, upon designation by the competent department, the schematic design can be carried out before the preliminary design, and the technical design can also be carried out before the construction drawing design. The preliminary design is ready for construction drawing design and equipment ordering. In the first design stage, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the process flow, determine the control scheme, correctly select instruments and other automation technology tools, select the main materials, determine the level of control room settings, power supply, and environmental characteristics, and find out the existing questions and test items.

Construction design

The construction drawing design is a technical document for construction, and it is a drawing document that is further compiled after the preliminary design is completed and approved. Therefore, we must solve the details of the design from the perspective of construction. After the design of the construction drawing is completed, there should be no unresolved problems in the technology.

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