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Equipment Cost Estimation for Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment

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CO2 Extraction Machine

Whether the total investment of a plant extraction construction project or the valuation of a set of CO2 essential oil extraction equipment production equipment investment is accurate depends on many factors, such as the amount of historical data, the level of estimators, whether the consideration is thorough, and the location of the project. Natural conditions and economic status, engineering standards of CO2 extraction equipment, and management level of supercritical CO2 extraction machine project implementation will all affect the accuracy of valuation.

We estimate with a set of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment with a total extraction capacity of 1950L.

CO2 Extraction Machine Parameters

600L CO2 essential oil extraction equipment

This CO2 extraction machine can complete the CO2 extraction process of solid raw materials such as essential oils, spices, and herbs. It is equipped with two CO2 extraction containers A and B with a volume of 975L each. A solid material basket with a volume of 695L can be placed in the CO2 extraction container. , The loading of raw materials can be 90%. The operating pressure of the CO2 extraction vessel is 6~30Mpa, and the working temperature is 20~80°C. There are two CO2 separators (A1 and A2), the operating pressure is 4.5~15Mpa, and the temperature is 15~45℃. The solvent used is CO2, and its flow rate is 4550kg/h. The production capacity of the equipment is to process 800t of raw materials per year. When dealing with different types of raw materials, the time required for cleaning the equipment should be deducted.

CO2 extraction process

During operation, the raw materials are first loaded into the material basket, and then the whole basket is loaded into CO2 extraction vessel A. The two CO2 extraction vessels A and B can work intermittently or alternately, and the solvent can be continuously circulated, usually in series. Two CO2 extraction containers make the freshly regenerated solvent contact with low-concentration solid materials, and the extraction liquid can be continuously drawn out. The time required for extraction varies with the type of raw material and pretreatment conditions. The extract from the CO2 extraction container flows through the filter to filter out the entrained solid particles and then enters the separator. There are two separators A1 and A2 in the process, which can be operated separately or in series. There are throttling valves and heat exchangers to independently adjust the fluid pressure and temperature of each separator.

The gaseous solvent flowing out of the CO2 separator passes through the filter and cooler, then enters the molecular sieve dryer to remove moisture, is condensed into a liquid by the heat exchanger, and then sent to the storage tank. In order to make up for the loss of CO2 in the process, an appropriate amount of fresh CO2 is added to storage tank A5.
The extracted solutes are released from the separators A1 and A2, enter the atmospheric storage tanks A3 and A4, and then sent to the finished product tank. After the process flow and production scale are determined, the size and model of the equipment can be preliminarily determined through material balance calculation and preliminary process calculation.

Size and model of CO2 extraction equipment

Storage Tanks and Separators

This set of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment has 5 sets of storage tanks and separation kettles, which are: primary separation kettle A1 (design pressure 24Mpa), secondary separation kettle A2 (design pressure 24Mpa), primary generator tank A3 (design pressure 0.1Mpa), secondary product tank A4 (design pressure 0.1Mpa), solvent storage tank A5 (design pressure 7Mpa). Preliminary estimates of the volume of each container are A1=208L, A2=208L, A3=757L, A4=757L, and A5=2.2m3. Calculate its mass respectively as WA1=2.5T,WA2=2.5T,WA3=0.267T,W=0.267T,WA5=2.07T


Heat Exchanger

This set of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment has 5 heat exchangers, which are: primary separation preheater E1 (design pressure 24Mpa), secondary preheating separator E2 (design pressure 24Mpa), circulating solvent cooler E3 (design pressure 7Mpa), circulating solvent condenser F4 (design pressure 7Mpa), solvent preheater E5 (design pressure 33Mpa).

Using tubular heat exchangers, the preliminary estimates of the areas of each heat exchanger are SE1=4m2, SE2=10.42m2, SE3100m2, SE4=5m2, SE5=12.7m2. The calculated masses are: WE1=0.22T, WE2=0.40T, WE3=0.56T, WE4=0.56T, WE5=0.5T.


This set of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment is equipped with 3 pumps and 1 vacuum pump, which are: the first product pump P1 (flow rate 40L/h), the second product pump (flow rate 40L/h), solvent circulation pump (design pressure 33MPa, Flow 4.5m3/h), vacuum pump VPl (flow 14gh).

Filters and Dryers

This set of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment is equipped with 2 filters and 1 dryer, which are: high-pressure filter F1 (design pressure 3Mpa, flow 0.6m3/min), low-pressure filter F2 (design pressure 7Mpa, flow 0.9m3 /min), circulating solvent dryer X1 (design pressure 7Mpa, flow rate 12kg/h).

From the above data, we can obtain quotations from unit equipment manufacturers