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Controlling CO2 Extraction Temperature: Key Tips for Optimal Results

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a widely used method for extracting valuable compounds from biomass. Controlling the temperature throughout the extraction process is crucial for achieving the best extraction results.

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Control the CO2 Extraction Temperature

Temperature control plays a vital role in CO2 extraction, particularly in the CO2 extraction vessel, which includes the separation vessel. Let’s explore the tips for effectively managing the extraction temperature to achieve desired outcomes:

  1. Consider Biomass Variation: Different biomass samples, oil compositions, and target extracts may require varying optimal extraction temperatures. It is crucial to recognize that each type of biomass will have its specific temperature requirements. Even within the same biomass, variations in origin or quality can influence the ideal CO2 extraction parameters. Therefore, operators must adapt the temperature settings based on the characteristics of the biomass being processed.
  2. Increasing Extraction Temperature: Increasing the extraction temperature has several effects on the extraction process. It decreases the concentration of terpenoids in the extract, which may be desirable depending on the intended application. However, higher temperatures also carry the risk of denaturing the product and increasing the extraction of wax and resin. This can lead to an increase in the overall extract quantity but may also result in a higher presence of chlorophyll in the extract.
  3. Decreasing Extraction Temperature: Lowering the extraction temperature can impact the composition of the extract. It tends to increase the oil proportion in the extract, which can be beneficial when targeting specific oil components. Simultaneously, reducing the temperature can decrease the wax proportion in the extract. This may be desirable to obtain a purer extract with reduced wax content. However, it is essential to consider the specific characteristics of the biomass and the target extracts when determining the optimal extraction temperature.
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Impact of Temperature on CO2 Extraction

TemperatureEffect on Extraction
IncreaseDecreases terpenoid concentration, increases wax/resin extraction
Risks product denaturation and increases chlorophyll in extract
DecreaseIncreases oil proportion in the extract, reduces wax proportion
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4 Tips for Controlling CO2 Extraction Temperature

  • Conduct Preliminary Tests: Perform preliminary tests with small samples to determine the optimal extraction temperature for specific biomass types and target extracts.
  • Monitor Biomass Characteristics: Take into account variations in biomass quality, origin, and oil composition to adjust the extraction temperature accordingly.
  • Gradual Temperature Adjustments: When fine-tuning the extraction temperature, make gradual adjustments and monitor the resulting extraction outcomes to achieve desired product quality.
  • Consider Specific Extraction Objectives: Align the extraction temperature with specific objectives, such as terpenoid concentration, oil proportion, or wax content, based on the desired extract composition.


Controlling the CO2 extraction temperature is a critical aspect of achieving optimal results in the supercritical CO2 extraction process. By understanding the impact of temperature on the extraction process and tailoring it to the specific biomass and target extracts, operators can enhance extraction efficiency and product quality. Careful temperature control allows for adjustments in terpenoid concentration, oil proportion, and wax content, ensuring the desired composition of the final extract. By following these tips and considering the unique characteristics of the biomass being processed, operators can maximize the efficiency and success of CO2 extraction processes.