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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Pump Manufacturer

Supercritical CO2 Extraction Pump

Specially designed for pumping carbon dioxide (CO2) which is in the supercritical state. Non-pneumatic pumping systems without active cooling could cause problems as well. In contrast, great CO2 Extraction Pumps like BIT utilize a direct-drive, electric pump with active head cooling.

What is a supercritical co2 extraction pump?

CO2 extraction pump refers to a type of pump used in the CO2 extraction process, which is a method of extracting plant compounds and essential oils using carbon dioxide as a solvent.

In the CO2 extraction process, the CO2 is pressurized and pumped into a chamber containing the plant material. The CO2 then acts as a solvent, extracting the desired compounds from the plant material. The CO2 and the extracted compounds are then separated using pressure and temperature changes, and the CO2 can be reused in the process.

A CO2 extraction pump is typically a high-pressure pump capable of maintaining the pressure required for the CO2 extraction process. It must be able to handle the high pressures required for supercritical CO2 extraction, which is typically in the range of 1,000 to 5,000 psi. The pump must also be able to withstand exposure to CO2, which can be corrosive in some cases.

CO2 extraction pumps are available in various types, including reciprocating pumps, diaphragm pumps, and gear pumps. The choice of pump type depends on the specific requirements of the extraction process, including the desired flow rate, pressure, and temperature.

In the supercritical CO2 extraction process, it is first necessary to cool and pressurize the CO2 gas with low relative molecular weight to liquefy it, which is convenient for pipeline transportation. Compressors and high-pressure pumps can be selected as booster equipment for supercritical CO2 fluid extraction. The main machines used in the device are: compressors, pumps, transformers, etc.

Three types of CO2 extraction pumps

Type 1: Piston compressor

The piston compressor has a wide range of exhaust pressure, strong adaptability, and the displacement of the compressor is almost not affected by the fluctuation of the exhaust pressure, so it is widely used in the supercritical fluid extraction process. However, the volume and noise of the compressor are large, the maintenance workload is also large, and the CO2 flow rate delivered is small, which cannot meet the requirements of large-flow CO2 extraction in the industrial process, and is limited to use on small devices in the laboratory.

Type 2: Diaphragm compressor

In addition to the piston compressor, the supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process can also use the diaphragm compressor, which has the outstanding advantage of ensuring the high purity of the compressed gas. Diaphragm compressors have a large pressure range, but their volume flow is very small, and are mainly suitable for small experimental devices.

Type 3: CO2 extraction plunger pump

Pumps are commonly used equipment for transporting liquid media. In the supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process, it is necessary to use it to transport fluids, such as supercritical CO2 fluid, entrainer or liquid solute. The process using high-pressure pumps shows the advantages of large CO2 flow rate, low noise, low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, etc. However, CO2 needs to be condensed into liquid before entering the high-pressure pump, so the process often needs to be equipped with multiple refrigeration condensation and heat pumps. Swap devices. The high-pressure pump is one of the important equipment in the process of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction. It undertakes the task of boosting and transporting CO2. The high-pressure pump currently used is mainly a plunger pump.

Features of BIT’s CO2 Extraction Pumps

CO2 Extraction Pumps design plays a large role in Supercritical CO₂ Extraction Machines. Some CO₂ essential extraction equipment utilizes off-the-shelf pneumatic pumps. These CO2 extraction pumps require excessive maintenance and often fail, requiring complete rebuilds. Mechanical failures like this cannot be predicted, they halt throughput, and destroy production planning.
Non-pneumatic pumping systems without active cooling could cause problems as well. In contrast, great CO2 Extraction Pumps like BIT utilize a direct-drive, electric pump with active head cooling.

  • High-end BIT CO2 extraction pump for pumping liquid: Pumping high-density liquid CO2 is more difficult to design than normal high-pressure pumps because it requires temperature management.
    Great CO2 extraction pumps excel at consistent throughput and efficient use of energy.
  • Calculate the flow rate of supercritical CO2 fluid in terms of the mass of liquid: a true reflection of how much carbon dioxide is flowing in the CO2 extraction vessel, a more meaningful throughput measurement to accurately evaluate the efficiency of the CO2 extraction process.
  • Pump head cooling system: The pump head cooling system of BIT’s CO2 extraction pump ensures that the CO2 remains liquid throughout the operation. (If the CO2 is not kept cool enough, the pump may cavitate, flashing the CO2 back into the gas during pumping, and creating unstable flow profiles, channels, system instability, and significantly reduced flow.)

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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Pumps

The supercritical carbon dioxide extraction pumps are a kind of reciprocating pump (reciprocating plunger pump)with three plungers or five plungers, both triplex pumps and quintuple pump/quinary plunger pumps are available. It is usually driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. It is specially designed for pumping carbon dioxide (CO2) which is in the supercritical state.
Typical applications include supercritical CO2 extraction process(Read More: CO2 Extraction Process: Basics, 5 Advantages, 7 Features, 4 Applications) technology in the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, food industry, etc.

CO2 extraction pumps
CO2 extraction pumps

Top Nine Technical Features of BIT’s CO2 extraction pumps

  1. The lubrication method is divided into oil bath splash lubrication.
  2. The deceleration mode is divided into belt deceleration and gear deceleration.
  3. The flow regulation can adopt speed regulating motor or frequency conversion speed regulation.
  4. The suction and discharge valves at the liquid end adopt cone valves or ball valves.
  5. The plunger seal is divided into a single-stage seal, and its stuffing box is jacket cooling type.
  6. The plunger can provide a metal spray welding treatment plunger, integral ceramic plunger, and surface spray ceramic plunger.
  7. The hydraulic end is made of 304SS high-quality stainless steel. The liquid cylinder body has a cooling process hole, which forms a circuit with the jacket stuffing box, and can be connected with external cooling liquid.
  8. There are safety valves, electric contact pressure gauges, and pressure sensors to choose from for pump overload protection.
  9. A plunger cooling lubrication system is provided inside the pump.

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Five Benefits of BIT’s CO2 extraction pumps

  • High pressure, low vibration low noise
  • Steady flow and pressure
  • Flexible control, easy operation
  • High security, fast and efficient
  • High efficiency, small volume

6 Applications of BIT’s CO2 extraction pumps

  1. Extraction processes with supercritical CO2 (Supercritical Fluid Extraction SFE), such as decaffeination, degreasing, and phytoextraction, as well as the extraction of oil seed, omega fish oil, flavors, and spices
  2. Supercritical preparative liquid chromatography (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography SFC), as well as the separation of optically active substances
  3. Supercritical Fluid Reactions SFR
  4. Particle formation (e. g., Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions PGSS), such as high-pressure spraying process for pulverizing greases, baked goods, etc.
  5. Cleaning processes, e.g., process integrated separation of substances, such as pesticide removal (wool grease, lanolin)
  6. Cell breakdown, inactivation (gentle sterilization)

Technical parameters

Place of   Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)Brand Name: BITModel Number:3CQ,5CQ series
Theory: Reciprocating PumpStructure: Plunger pumpApplications:CO2 supercritical extraction pumps,CO2 transportation
Power: ElectricStandard or Nonstandard: NonstandardFuel: all
Pressure: 30-1000bar Application: CO2 pumps,Supercritical extraction CO2 pumps,CO2 transportationPlunger pump: a high-pressure pump