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Installation and Commissioning of PBH Section Bending Machine

Shipping packaging

The profile bending machine with section bending capacity less than 250CM3 is loaded in a 20-foot container.

Warning:Must read before debugging



Please check all connected and clamping parts.

Please check the angle bender hydraulic oil level, and check if the lubrication is okay.

Please check the voltage of electricity.

Angle bending machine installation and commissioning


After check above all, please run the main drive and do up and down movements, take 15 minutes as a cycle

Check the and adjust the up roller and sides rollers, to make the distance is suitable and workable.


Movements should be smooth on both sides of roll

Roller rotation and lift should be flexible

All Transmission Parts should be no abnormal noise

All fasteners are not allowed loose, well-oiled machine

Bearing temperature should not exceed exceed 35 °C, the highest temperature should not exceed 70 ° C, bearing the temperature should not exceed 40 ° C, the highest temperature should not exceed 70 ° C, the hydraulic pump oil temperature should not exceed 60 °C .


No-load test to normal only after the load test. The general procedure is as follows:

Basic parameters in the table according to the provisions of the relevant profile parameters expected, pre-bend sections of treated end.

On an operational proficiency scores of sub-volumes into the provisions of the diameter of round workpieces.


Load testing should meet the basic parameters of the relevant performance requirements.

The load and load operation process, the transmission system should be stable, the impact of no abnormal noise, working system, the operating system should be flexible, accurate and reliable, the bearing temperature must not exceed the above requirements.

The process of rolling the die and the profiles there is no slipping between the phenomenon.