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CNC Busbar Bending Machine: Seven Features and Four Types

CNC busbar bending machine is a kind of efficient production equipment, which can be widely used in high and low-voltage electrical industry, mainly used for processing copper and aluminum busbars of various specifications. The equipment adopts numerical control technology and has multiple functions, which can realize processing operations such as punching, shearing, and bending.

This article will introduce the working principle, technical characteristics, and application advantages of the CNC busbar bending machine in detail.

Working principle

The CNC busbar bending machine adopts advanced CNC technology and is easy to operate. The machine can be controlled by a foot switch or a manual switch for processing operations.

It mainly consists of three processing units: punching, shearing, and bending. During the processing, firstly, the bus bar needs to be placed on the processing table, and the position and angle of the processing head should be adjusted as required. Next, the operator can select the corresponding work unit for processing operations according to the processing requirements. For example, if punching is required, you can select the punching unit, place the die on the working head, set the size and position of the punching hole through the operation panel, and then start the machine for punching operation. Similarly, if shearing or bending operations are required, the corresponding work unit can also be selected for operation.

busbar bending machine
busbar bending machine

Introduction of seven functions

Features 1#: Multifunctional processing

CNC busbar bending machines can quickly change the mold to realize the processing of busbars such as flat bending, vertical bending, pipe bending, crimping nose, and folding copper rods. This flexibility enables the machine to adapt to various specifications and shapes of busbars, improving processing efficiency and production quality.

Features 2#: Punching unit

The punching unit of the CNC busbar bending machine adopts a vertical structure, and the mold made of high-quality steel can quickly complete the hole processing of various shapes and specifications, such as punching round holes, long round holes, square holes, chamfering, embossing, etc.

Features 3#: Shearing unit

The shearing unit of the CNC busbar bending machine can be sheared by flat shearing or punching shearing. The work is smooth, without burrs, and does not produce waste, which ensures processing efficiency and quality.

Features 4#: Bending unit

The bending unit of the CNC busbar bending machine adopts an integral casting structure and horizontal processing. It can complete flat bending, vertical bending, pipe bending, crimping nose, and copper rod bending through quick and easy replacement of molds. The mold structure is reasonable and easy to replace.

Features 5#: Numerical control technology

CNC busbar bending machine adopts numerical control technology, which can realize high-precision and high-speed processing, and improve production efficiency and quality. The processing data can be managed and stored through the input system, which is easy to retrieve and use at any time.

Features 6#: Easy to operate

CNC busbar bending machine is operated by a foot switch or a manual switch, which is easy to use and easy to operate. At the same time, the CNC busbar bending machine also has a variety of forms such as portable and turret, which can meet the needs of different occasions.

Features 7#: High safety

CNC busbar bending machine adopts a variety of safety protection measures, such as overload protection, limit protection, emergency stop switch, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.

Four types of busbar bending machines

  • Economical busbar bending machine: For bending busbars of different thicknesses, the stroke distance can be controlled by adjusting the induction switch of the working cylinder, and the working pointer corresponds to different scales to complete the corresponding bending angle.
  • Multifunctional busbar bending machine: The bending unit adopts numerical control mode and has a memory function; the user can input processing data in advance, and the system can call out the data according to the input information for processing; the processed workpiece site data can be stored in the system at any time , and called out for repeated use; the user can select the current coordinate value at any time according to the row thickness and the required bending angle, and then perform flat bending or vertical bending processing.
  • Turret-type busbar bending machine: The punching unit adopts a turret-type mold library, which reduces the time for mold change and has high production efficiency.
  • Portable busbar bending machine: small size, good flexibility, easy to carry, flexible and convenient to move, can be used in combination or separately, which is beneficial to electric field operation and use.

The CNC busbar bending machine has multiple functions and technical features, can adapt to the specifications and shapes of various busbars, improves processing efficiency and production quality, and is an ideal production equipment for the electrical industry.