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4 Roll Profile Bending Machine/Section Bender(Angle Roller)

profile bending machine

Profile bending machine (Angle roll) with 4 rolls

In addition to machine tools for roll bending with 3 rollers, there are on-the-market machines for roll bending with 4 rollers. They offer quicker and easier management.

profile bending machine
Four rollers, CNC control, more precise bending

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Principle of 4 Roll Profile Bending Machine

bending process of four-roll section bending machine
bending process of a four-roll section bending machine

The principle of operation of the angle roll machine with 4 rolls is similar to the machine with 3 angle rollers, with the main difference being that the additional roller is used for better input of the material and execution of the process of pre-bending.

During bending, the upper and lower rollers are static, the material is firmly positioned between them, and the side rollers move and bend the material. In order to eliminate the flat edges of the material, the lower roller moves upward to hold the material firmly, and the side roller moves and occupies the position for pre-bending.

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Unlike a section bending machine with 3 rollers, where during the pre-bending it is assumed that the material is lowered when entering the machine, in the rolling machine with 4 rollers, the material is positioned horizontally, allowing the use of motorized horizontal material holders when inserting materials in certain models. In addition, the input of materials can be carried out on both sides, so the machine can be placed next to the wall and save space.

Pros of 4 Roll Profile Bending Machine

4 Roll Angle Roller

The advantage of a profile bending machine with 4 rollers has a unique complete bending process. The machine accepts the material in one stroke, performs the pre-bending, and continues to bend the profile. This system does not require an operator to remove, turn and then straighten the material after pre-bending, as is the case with 3-rollers section bending machines.

The material remaining in the machine makes the machine with 4 rollers up to 50% more efficient compared to 3-roller models and allows the material to bend at the desired diameter immediately after pre-bending. The bending of the flat edge starts after bending the material in one direction.

The side rollers are positioned to the left and to the right of the bottom roller and have their own axes. The independent axis of each roller allows perfect bending. The “rear” side roller (located on the other side of the material insertion) also has a rear-end stop function and aligns the material. This feature allows the operator to work without the assistance of other people. Bending in the shape of the coupe is also possible on the machine with 4 rollers. The side rollers can be positioned in the corner for making the coupling and the bottom roller can be lifted to hold and position the material.

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