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22 Work Regulations for Profile Bending Machine Operators

The profile bending machine is a very common section bending equipment. Safe operation is very important. If the operation is improper, it may cause a safety accident. Here we provide safety regulations.

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Operator regulations

Profile Bending Machine
section modulus 140CM3 Profile Bending Machine
  1. Only a legal adult can operate the profile bending machines. The operator needs to be trained in OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) regulations and in the scope of working with machines serving for cold metalworking.
  2. Unauthorized persons, particularly children, are prohibited near the machine while it is in operation.
  3. It is prohibited to use a machine that bears signs of mechanical damage or electrical damage.
  4. The operator of the profile bending machine is obligated to keep the workstation clean and orderly and to not allow bystanders to operate the machine.
  5. Before using the machine, inspect its technical condition, the fastenings of individual mechanisms, the power cord, socket and plug, and the power switch.
  6. Repair and maintenance of the electrical installation needs to be entrusted to persons holding the relevant licenses.
  7. It is prohibited to connect the profile bending machine to a faulty electrical installation.
  8. In the case of a break in electrical supply, disconnect the machine from the power immediately.
  9. If sparking is observed in the electrical installation, shut the profile bending machine down immediately. The machine may only be restarted after the failure is resolved.
  10. In the case of fire in the electrical installation, powder extinguishers are to be used. Do not use any other types of extinguishers or water.
  11. It is prohibited to leave the machine unattended while it is running.
  12. It is prohibited to move the profile bending machine while it is running / connected to the electrical grid and / or a section to be bend is mounted.
  13. It is prohibited to perform work involving the replacement of bending rolls or repair and maintenance work on the machine while it is connected to the electrical grid.
  14. Check and tighten threaded joints regularly.
  15. It is prohibited to place hands or other body parts into the workspace of the bending rolls while the machine is running.
  16. It is prohibited to use bending rolls other than those manufactured by BIT.
  17. Contamination may only be removed from the profile bending machine using a brush after removing the rolled section from the workspace first.
  18. Persons who are in an intoxicated state, under the influence of drugs, or have a health condition disqualifying them from the operation of such machinery, unauthorized persons and bystanders, particularly children, are prohibited from operating this machine.
  19. It is prohibited to wear jewelry (watches, rings), loose clothing, i.e. scarves, ties, unzipped jackets, that may get caught or pulled in by the machine’s moving elements. Wear protective clothing and goggles.
  20. Always use personal protection equipment meeting the requirements of directive 89/686/EEC in order to eliminate the risk of injury due to scraping, cutting, crushing, etc. hazards. Use the appropriate tools and gloves when replacing parts.
  21. It is prohibited to use the machine in the vicinity of flammable or explosive substances
  22. It is prohibited to expose the electrical parts to water, rain or moisture. Wet machines pose a hazard and may lead to electric shock.