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Top 9 Features of The PR4 4-roll Bending Rolls Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system and oil cylinder of the 4-roll steel plate rolling machine is designed according to the rated pressure of 31.5Mpa, but the actual pressure is about 16Mpa, there is a large margin in addition to the safety factor, and the seals are made of Japanese NOK brand components, so the hydraulic system and pressure can be guaranteed. There is no oil leakage in the oil cylinder.
The hydraulic system consists of high-pressure pumps, valve groups, fluid connectors, hydraulic accessories, etc. It consists of three loops, overpressure protection and pressure regulation loop, synchronous loop, and speed loop.

The design of the hydraulic system of the PR4 plate rolling machine is reasonable and reliable, and the hydraulic components with quality assurance are selected, and the hydraulic components and hydraulic accessories are selected from international high-quality brand products. The pipeline layout is reasonable, concise, beautiful, and convenient for maintenance and debugging.

Top 9 Features of The PR4 Hydraulic System

  • The hydraulic system of the PR4 sheet metal rolling machine is divided into two main and auxiliary oil circuits. The maximum set pressure of the main oil circuit is 22MPa, which is controlled by two relief valves. This oil circuit mainly controls the rise and fall of the master cylinders of the rollers on both sides. The maximum set pressure of the auxiliary oil circuit is 22MPa, which is controlled by two relief valves. This oil circuit mainly controls the lifting of the oil cylinder of the lower roll and the overturning cylinder, thereby controlling the rising and falling of the lower roll and the overturning and reset of the tumbler.
  • The entire hydraulic system has no leakage under normal working conditions, and there is a synchronization guarantee for the movement of the upper roll and the lower roll.
  • Each input and output port of the hydraulic system is equipped with a corresponding detection point, which is convenient for maintenance and fault inspection. The oil pump adopts the bottom type and positive pressure oil suction. At the same time, the filter, liquid level gauge, and liquid temperature gauge are all equipped with signaling devices, which can automatically alarm and prompt for failure. In addition, the hydraulic station is independent of the rolling plate machine base, which is convenient for repair and maintenance; it is also far away from the heat source.
  • The system is produced in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards, and the radius of pipe curvature is reasonable and not less than 90°, with a round and smooth transition, and reasonable arrangement of shock-absorbing pipe clamps, effectively avoiding shock and vibration. Make sure that there is no shock or vibration in the hydraulic pipeline.
  • The system design fully considers high efficiency and energy saving, reduces power waste, reduces heat sources, and is equipped with a cooling device.
  • The hydraulic oil pump and the motor unit are equipped with a special shock absorber, and the oil suction port is equipped with a shock absorber throat.
  • The system is manufactured in strict accordance with China standards, and special sealants are used for appropriate joints to eliminate leakage.
  • Provide common faults and troubleshooting methods of the hydraulic system of the plate rolling machine.
  • In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the hydraulic system, the bending rolls’s system is produced by a professional hydraulic manufacturer in accordance with the China GB3766-83 “General Technical Conditions for Hydraulic Systems”.