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Top 10 Plate Roll Manufacturers and Suppliers – 2023 Ultimate Edition

I believe now you have already understood what exactly is plate rolling machine as well as how the plate roller works. The question is who makes the best bending rolls? And where to buy a plate roller? Read More: CNC Plate Bending Machine, Best Plate Roll Manufacturer

In order to help you figure out this, we spent several weeks doing the research and making the top 10 ranking list of plate bending machine manufacturers in China. All of them are the best plate bending machine companies and I hope they can be helpful to you.

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Top 10 Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturers, Which is Better?

Top 10 Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturers
Top 10 Plate Rolling Machine Manufacturers

AMB Picot

Introduction: Founded in 1964, AMB Picot has more than 150 years of experience in machine tool manufacturing. Headquartered in France, it is the oldest machine tool manufacturer in France. AMB picot provides its customers with roll bending and forming resources specifically proposed to their needs. AMB Picot’s three rolls and four-roll rolling machines can process various forms of sheet metal into endless curved, circular, or conical shapes. Picot’s new AI-based software Easyroll makes roll bending more intuitive and error-free – provides operators with pre-bending function, automatic rebound calculation and adjustment, and efficient bending protocol for complex shapes
Features: RCE symmetrical 3-roll hydraulic bending roll and pre-bending machines: especially for the fine sheet. RCS symmetrical 3-roll hydraulic bending and pre-bending machines: power and quality. The most versatile and the most efficient. RAE electric mechanical asymmetrical 3-roll plate bending machines: simple and cheap.R4C symmetrical 4-roll hydraulic bending and pre-bending machines.
Suggestions: If you are lacking in experience or do not have skilled manual operators, the PIOCT plate bending roll machine is a good choice!

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Introduction: Born in Italy in 1966, DAVI is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty plate roll, heavy-duty angle roll, high productivity lines, and customized rolling machines.
Features: DAVI product portfolio includes the broadest range of heavy-duty plate rolls (both 3 and 4 rolls), for plates from 6’ to 20’width and from 1/4” to 15” 3/4 thickness; the broadest range of heavy-duty angle roll, for beams up to 4’ height, pipes up to 31” 1/2 outer diameter, flanges up to 23” 5/8 x 7” 7/8 on edge.
Suggestions: Best sale three roller rolling machine is ideal equipment for rolling thick steel plates. Suitable for users who need large-scale equipment and heavy-duty machines.

E.G. Heller’s Son, Inc.

Introduction: Founded in 1916, E.G. Heller’s Son is one of the largest importers and distributors of metal manufacturing equipment in North America. Products include hydraulic press brakes, plate shears, plate rolls, pinch rolls, plate bending machines, tube benches, and several other types of precision metal fabric machinery.
Features: Heller Plate Rolls are among the best-engineered plate rolling machines on the market today. Heller’s 3 Plate Roll benders come in many design options, built for the work you do. From hydraulic three rolls double pinch, 3 roll single pinch, as well as fully powered and manually powered light gauge steel plate rolls, Heller’s high grade, superiorly engineered plate bending rolls are sure to get the job done right.

Faccin S.p.A.

Introduction: Faccin S.p.A. is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacturing, and sale of the plate and angle rolls, dished heads machinery, and special machines. With technologically advanced production and certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Faccin is the largest production facility in the world of bending systems and plate bending machines.
Features: FACCIN is the first manufacturer to use CNC on 4 roller plate rolling machines. In order to better meet the needs of every application, Faccin produces and sells various types of 3 or 4 roller metal sheet rolling machines.
Suggestions: The technical level of the FACCIN large-scale shipbuilding plate rolling machine is very high, which is the most worth purchasing. But the price is very high.

Hugh Smith Engineering

Introduction: Hugh Smith Engineering, a division of Qualter, Hall and Co Ltd. is a long-established engineering and manufacturing company, with over 125 years of experience, delivering quality engineered solutions to many sectors of industry, in particular, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, and fabrication industries.
Features: Shipyard Roll Press: For Rolling Hull Plates, Bilge Turns, Shear Strakes, and Derrick Posts, also Flanging bulkhead corrugations and knuckle plates. Sizes from 600 Tonne to 3000 Tonne capacity or more with lengths up to 21 meters. Vertical Plate Bender: For bending cylinders from large to small diameters used in the production of pressure vessels, boilers, nuclear plants, and legs/piles for oil platforms and modules. Sizes from 300 – 5000 Tonnes or more for plate widths up to 4.5 meters and thicknesses to 200mm cold.
Suggestions: Users who need a complete engineering solution can consult HUGH SMITH, especially in the shipbuilding industry.

Haeusler AG

Introduction: Haeusler AG is a globally operating company in the metal forming industry and is active in the field of forming and related welding technology. Cision sheet metal bending roller function brings precise cycles to the required applications. The world’s top rolling machine manufacturer Switzerland HAEUSLER based on a long family tradition has a history of more than 80 years. It has large-scale specialized factories in Herten-Rheinfelden (Germany) and Duggingen (Switzerland).
Features: 3-roll bending machines offer the widest range of applications. Be it plate widths of up to 24 meters, plate thicknesses of over 300 mm, or output of 20 pipes/hour and more. With 3-roll plate bending machines all these requirements and more can be met. 4-roll plate bending machines are precise, offer the highest possible degree of automation, and are at the same time very easy to operate. Especially in combination with the patented HAEUSLER BENDtronic control system, plate bending becomes child’s play.
Suggestions: HAEUSLER best sale four rollers bending rolls is very famous in the world. It is worth a try for users who need to buy 4-roll bending machines.


Introduction: Kurimoto Co., Ltd. founded in 1909, is well-known sheet metal bending roll machine manufacturer in Japan. The science and technology of the Japanese machinery manufacturing industry have been at the top level in the world. Kurimoto’s high-precision sheet metal bending roller function brings precise cycles to the required applications.
Features: KURIMOTO’s Bending Roll is a Top Roll Horizontal Movement type. Value-added features of KURIMOTO’s Bending Roll, such as Top Roll crowning and adjustable Back-Up Rolls, enable precise circularity and cylindricality to applications with a wide range of material thicknesses.
Suggestions: Energy saving and eco-friendly rolling machine for high standards of production factory.

MG s.r.l.

Introduction: Mg S.R.L. was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in Italy. MG s.r.l. has 90 employees, covering an area of 6000 square meters and a total area of 12000 square meters. At present, it covers 60% of the Italian market and exports its machinery to the United States, Latin America, China, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Vietnam. In November 2011, MG s.r.l. acquired Delsy SRL and now owns 75% of the company.
Features: MG s.r.l. provides various types of plate bending machines with effective rolling lengths from 500 mm to 8000 mm and thicknesses from 1 to 300 mm. Today MG is able to satisfy any type of request for the design and production of sheet metal bending machines: useful widths from 200 mm up to 8000 mm and thickness from 0,5 up to 300 mm. We offer a complete selection of metalworking equipment, 2, 3, and 4 rollers bending machines, profile bending technology, straightening machines convex bottoms, and finally digital CNC systems with customized software.


Introduction: ROUNDO® was founded in 1964 in Sweden and became the world leading brand for profile bending machines and plate rolling with more than 16.000 machines delivered all over the world. Now, the new headquarters is in the north of Italy.
Features: 3-Roll: PSE series: the most basic machine for plate thickness of 2 ~ 8 mm and width of 500 ~ 8000 mm. PS series: the most widely used machine for plate thickness of 1 ~ 100 mm and width of 500 ~ 8000 mm. PSS series: the most cost-effective bending roller for plate thickness of 1 ~ 160 mm and width of 500 ~ 8000 mm.
4-Roll: PASS/PAS: the 4-roll bending machine is an ideal choice for plate thickness of 1 ~ 25 mm and width of 500 ~ 8000.
Suggestions: The excellent quality, performance, reliability, and long service life of sheet metal bending rolls, as well as the continuous development and production process of high-quality machines, make customers satisfied.


Introduction: Sahinler, founded by Mr. Ismail Sahin and Mr. Ibrahim Sahin in 1953, has 300 employees. Its products include hydraulic 3 roll plate bending machines, profile pipe bending machines, and hydraulic steelworkers, which are exported to 85 countries around the world. The company now is one of the biggest producers of plate bending machines, section bending machines, and steelworkers in the world.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed top ten plate rolling machine manufacturers are all very powerful brands. No matter which one you choose, the quality of the plate rollers they provide will definitely meet your production needs.

But which one should be your best plate bending machine supplier and cooperate with, you still need to communicate with the business for in-depth understanding, after all, not a large enterprise will certainly meet your needs.

Actually, you can also consider the BIT‘s plate rolling machine, a high-quality plate rolling machine from China. A bending roll you can rely on, a machine that creates wealth for you.