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9 major steps of the pre-bent steel plate rolling process

The process of roll bending the end pre-bent plate into a cylindrical workpiece on the 3-roller double pinch plate rolling machine is shown in the figure below:

Steel Plate Rolling Machine

9 operation steps of the pre-bent steel plate rolling process

  • First, adjust the upper roller balance mechanism so that the upper roller is in a horizontal position and raise the two lower rollers to a certain height
  • Send the sheet between the upper and lower work rolls, then erect the sheet centering mechanism, operate the sheet close to the sheet, and then lay the sheet centering mechanism flat so that the two ends of the sheet are parallel to the work roll axis.
  • Raise the lower roller twice to the same height, clamp the sheet, and pay attention to whether the sheet is properly placed. Otherwise, it should be adjusted.
  • After confirming that the sheet metal is placed correctly, continue to alternately raise the two lower rollers to press the sheet. The amount of pressure is determined by the diameter of the roll and the proficiency of the operation.
  • The work roll rotates in two directions, causing the sheet to bend and deform
  • According to the size of the diameter of the reel, the above-mentioned 4th and 5th steps are repeated until the requirements are met.
  • Alternately lower the two lower rollers to the lower limit position respectively.
  • The hydraulic cylinder on the dumping side returns, the tipping body is dumped, and the workpiece is unloaded
  • The inverted body resets, and the two lower rollers rise alternately to complete the whole coiling process

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