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Six major measures of bending mold to improve bending quality

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A bending die is a tool used to bend the sheet according to the required shape during sheet metal processing. The bending quality refers to the quality of the bent parts formed during the bending process, including indicators of dimensional accuracy, surface quality, strength, and spring back.

Bending dies and bending quality

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The bending tool has a crucial influence on the bending quality. Whether the design, manufacture and debugging of the mold are reasonable will directly affect the quality indicators such as the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the bending parts. For example, adopting a reasonable positioning method and processing technology in the mold design can ensure the accurate positioning of the blank during the bending process, thereby ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the bent part. In mold manufacturing and debugging, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the fillet radius and roughness of the symmetrical parts of the convex mold and the concave mold of the mold, so as to avoid surface quality problems caused by inconsistency.

Six measures

To improve the quality of bending, the following six measures can be taken from the bending die:

  • The pressing device is used in the mold design to make the blank gradually bend and form under the pressed state.
  • Reasonable positioning plate (shape positioning) or positioning pin (hole positioning) is used in mold design, and process hole positioning is added if necessary to ensure that the blank is positioned reliably in the mold and does not leave the positioning piece during the bending process.
  • Consider measures to eliminate springback in the mold structure, and consider the feasibility of mold adjustment and maintenance.
  • In order to reduce springback and bottom unequal defects, the workpiece should be corrected in the mold at the end of the stroke, that is, the die or pressing plate should be in the correct state.
  • For U-shaped bending parts, a small gap or even a negative gap bending can be used.
  • When manufacturing and adjusting the mold, pay attention to the consistency of the fillet radius and roughness of the symmetrical parts of the punch and die.

Final words

In addition, during the bending process, attention should be paid to the control of the processing technology, including bending force, bending speed, bending times and other factors, so as to reduce the defects of springback and bottom inequality and improve the bending quality. Therefore, in actual production, in addition to paying attention to the design and manufacture of the mold, attention should also be paid to the processing control during the bending process to ensure the final bending quality.