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pr4 4-roll plate bending machine electrical circuit diagram

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The electrical control system of PR4 4 roll bending machines is based on PLC, with electrical control and hydraulic control to realize various actions of the machine tool. Operation control in the operating state. The numbers of each movement are displayed through the touch screen interface, which is convenient for intuitive operation. Due to the work of the upper roller, the work of the tipping frame is powered by the hydraulic source. Please start the oil pump motor before the action.

BIT offers a very powerfully, hydraulic 4 roller PR4 series plate rolling machine with NC and CNC controls.

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4-roll plate bending machine

The PR4 series 4 roll plate bending machine has been refined over the years through extensive research and development and is considered one of the finest plate rolling machines available on the market worldwide, that are particularly suited for large sheet metal thicknesses. The advantage of this design is that the bending process is done in one operation. They are considered the most cost-effective investment for high productivity requirements for rolling plates from 5 to 150mm in thickness up to a useful length of 18000mm.